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By Hijacker
Received my v3H gun yesterday. (Saturday, hooray for the USPS) Very pleased with the overall quality and understand why he is the go to seller for gun kits.
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By gbchef
I have purchased two kits from Chase and they are amazing...The details that are in the castings are crazy good. Would recommend this to everyone! !
By Positron Collider
I recently purchased a ThrowingChicken gun kit and I must say that the quality and craftsmanship really come through in his work. Very clean, almost no prep work is needed. Shipping is very fast and all the items are packed very well. I look forward to doing more business with Chase. Outstanding transaction, highly recommended.
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By LandoSystem
I ordered a GB1 hero/stunt trap from TC and it's my new favorite prop. What a beautiful, solid piece of work. Couldn't be happier.
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By csullivan1980
Ordered my TC Thrower Kit this past Sunday, it arrived Tuesday!!!

Super fast shipping, great piece of work, very well packed and the GB2 players card was a nice touch of nostalgia.

A great item for anyone on a budget looking for EXCELLENT quality!

No complaints :)
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By StingerLAM
Ordered a trap friday, April 10th & received it the following friday, April 17th!

The shipping box was banged up pretty bad in transit but, due to the secure packing, everything was just fine!

Awesome prop!

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By Matt Campbell
Received my thrower kit fromTC yesterday and am really impressed, and I thought that the thrown in GB 2 trading card was a nice touch too.
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By gbchef
Recieved my Giga kit today! Holy crap this thing is amazing!!! I am chomping at the bit to get started. Thank you Chase for providing this awesome prop!
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By GhostBustin_84
Supporting Member
Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said?? TC is a stand up dude. I commissioned him for a thrower build,as I don't have much spare time these days, plus my knowledge of electronics is not very good, and man was it well worth it!! The thrower is a thing of beauty. Overall great to deal with!
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By LT86
Supporting Member
I truly feel like theres not enough kind word to describe Throwing Chickens work. I ordered his Particle Thrower and its perfect. It blew away all of my expectations. Not only did he promptly answer my questions before I place an order but also had it shipped immediately after I purchased it. It arrived safe and sound. The way it was packaged it could have been kicked from across the country and still would have arrived in one piece. I can't thank him enough. So, if a resin thrower is the way you're going don't hesitate sending this man your money.

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