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By Mr.Spider
Received my gun box yesterday, ..... i am at a loss for words, it's so perfect !
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By 1.21 Gigawatts
Just got back from the post office with my throwingchicken gun box. Wow... an immaculate casting of a peice of art! Resin seems strong too. Very happy customer here. :)
By AlphaReis
I just received my v2.5 gun box from ThrowingChicken yesterday; it looks fantastic. Communication was fast, and he shipped my order quickly. Nothing but a positive experience buying from him, so I'm sure I will do business with him again.
By Prefect42
ThrowingChicken did it again with the 2.5 gun body. Solid, incredible details and smoooooooth.

Looking forward to building it up. I'm going to need a second pack for this one as the 2.0 gun body from last year still rocks.

By jdeBroux
Ordered a v2.5 gun box from TC. Process was quick and fast. Parts are great with very little clean up and looks great. Deffinately recommend using TC's stuff.
By NHVenkman
Recieved my gun box from TC what a thing of beauty, fast shipping and amazing quality. Thanks TC A++++
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By Gareee
Just got my gunbox today... amazing work, and it was packed strong enough to withstand a full protonic reversal! Not only was the bix taped with shipping tape, but it was also glued shut as well!

Happy Dance here!
By HauntedToilet
Just got my gun kit in today, and I absolutely love everything about it! I even love how easy it is to remove the excess resin! Packaging was fantastic, no way anything is gonna break in that.

What I really love more than anything else are the pilot holes for drilling holes for bolts, I compared the holes to where I would bolt them on with some nick-a-tron parts and they are SPOT ON! That makes this project SO much easier! Thanks Conan O'Bri- I mean ThrowingChicken!

I can't reccommend this gun kit enough! I only wish I could afford to make another pack because I wouldn't settle for any other gun kit.
By Screwhead
just got the thrower body.. WOW this looks so amazing! I can't wait to get working on it :D
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By KagaSakai
Awesome gun body, awesome seller! Thanks!
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By AJ Quick
Got my very first Throwing Chicken Proton Gun today.

I had been recommending them for a long time but didn't manage to get one until now. I am extremely impressed with the quality! Its very nicely cast and is gonna require very little clean up. I'm tempted to go start drilling holes and adding parts to it right now!

I can't wait for V3, hopefully it has the other parts like trigger box, grips.. etc. :wink:
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By xtrmn8r17
I highly recommend his Gun Box! This is what I got!!!




I just gotta sand the bottom to smooth it out! :D
I've been lurking here and there on the boards for awhile now and admire a lot of the passion around here. Like most of you guys, I've been wanting my very own Proton Pack ever since I was a kid and even made one out of styrofoam and cardboard. That was the first time I learned the effects of modelling glue and foam. (ie. not a good combination). I even got the small blue colored Kenner version (which even then was a disappointment because of its inaccuracy. Anyway after much envy and hesitation I gave in and decided to finally start building a pack to call my own.

Chase's Proton Gun kit is my first purchase from here. I bought the Gun Body and AJ Quick Wants 2 of Them Combo. Upon arriving at work this morning and sitting on my desk was the package. I was stoked! Upon opening and inspecting the contents, first thing I noticed, the kit was WELL packaged! Chase took a lot of time and care to make sure nothing got busted (no pun intended) during shipment. Carefully unwrapping the contents the next thing I noticed was craftsmanship. Like how others have mentioned, this kit requires very little clean up. I consider myself a bit above average in model building but definitely not a pro and that's how I'm looking at this project for now. Like I said, the attention to detail and craftsmanship is just awesome! I can honestly say I have no regrets on purchasing the kit, it is a piece of art in itself. I honestly cannot wait to get started! What bums me out is I didn't start earlier to have it ready for Halloween this year.

Anyway, I can't speak for the other kits that are being offered but I can say that If you're in the market to purchase a gun kit or even start a pack build; if you purchase your kit from TC you definitely will NOT be disappointed.

ECTOSLIME_78 approved :cool: :cool: :cool:
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By AJ Quick
Just got my 2nd TC Gun kit...

They are pure sex. The best gun kit you can buy. I wished all the other sellers would take note of how good these are and then try to figure out how they can improve themselves.
By Sebastian Arms
I just received my gun box and fix it quick kit. I placed the order last Saturday and am putting the thrower together now. Quick and clean service-the product pictures are above and the kit is excellent. I can see the painting being ready to be done this weekend.

I will echo AJ, by saying TC is an example of what this should all be about. Quality product, good service, and chocolate.


By Chaos Engine
Recieved My V2.5 TC, Thrower Body & AJ Wants Two Of Them Bundle, Yesterday!
Great Communication, Quick Shipping To The Uk In Just 6 Days, Absolutely Fantastic Products, Highly Detailed & Immaculate. Looking Forward To Bringing It To Life.

Thank You, Very Much Appreciated

By kevinj319
Excellent. I bought a gunbox and accessory kit.

Fast response, everything was packaged securely, and the product is outstanding. Very little cleanup will be needed.
By venkman4077
I just got my thrower the other day, and I have to say it is amazing! Well crafted, clean, and for the price you can't beat it! Thanks again man Great Job!
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By nolatron
Received my Gun box and accessory kit today. Great looking components, well built, and shipped fast. Amazing stuff and I can't wait to get started on the build.

Thanks TC!
By COLORmeGone
I recieved my gun and kit last week, very fast shipping and awesome to deal with. This thing is awesome, Nice attention to details.
By denney007
just got my gun kit and it is a thing of beauty. i highly recomend getting a kit from tc. he always answered my questions and was very helpfull.
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By Keymaster
Just recieved My V2.5 TC thrower body & 'AJ Wants Two Of Them Bundle' last night, very qucik shipping, amazing I just wish I had all the parts so I could get buildign it lol

Can't recommend TC enough!!! Great purchase from a fantastic seller!
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By julz
I almost forgot to post feedback!

I am extremely impressed by the standard casting and attention to detail. The package arrived all the way to New Zealand safe and sound and well packed. TC was quick to answer any questions I had and very professional to deal with.

Defiantly recommend his kits to anyone!
By hallsp2002
I couldn't be happier with Throwingchicken's prompt response and excellent correspondence. The kit arrived quickly and is of great quality.

I can't wait to put it together!
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By Phish4dinner
My Thrower body and "AJ" kit arrived today in what is one of the most professional and safest packaging jobs i've ever seen. Considering all of the airline cargo i handle that's saying alot. It also got to me within a few days of sending payment!! I can't wait to work on it. The quality is incredible and it is absolutely gorgeous. EVERYBODY should own one, period..

I knew just by the his avatar that i'de be satified. ALWAYS trust a Conan O'Brien fan, they appreciate quality. lol

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