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By JayStantz
I ordered a ThrowingChicken gunbody, trigger-box & "ears" one-piece unit. I am going to use parts from the other resin master here at gbfans, Nick-a-Tron, as well as metal parts to complete my thrower.

I can honestly say, ThrowingChicken's gun-body IS a work of art, someone else said it first, & it is true. His version 2.5 is what I received, the detail is awesome and the cast is the best I've seen yet, very smooth with no bubbles.

If you are building a thrower for the 1st time- buy his kit!! Why bother with the rest, when you can just get the best?! Easier, better, less work, better quality, smoother, thinner inside, list goes on..

If you are a more experienced prop builder, you have to recognize the quality you see in ThrowingChicken's gun-body and accessories.

$75 for the gunbody, $75more for the kit he makes. Good deal for the quality you will receive.

Recommended by JayStantz!
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By klooloo
Agreed! I'm finally starting work on mine and the fit of the parts is SWEET! A'course now the missus wants a pack and thrower as well.
So yes TC, I will be back for another (and AJ was right to want two!).
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By Lewis Tully
I have purchased two throwers from TC, and was very pleased with both! The first one was completed, and the second one is a kit. I was worried about the kit bc I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to that stuff, but ThrowingChicken made it Idiot-Proof for me! How nice! :D Very easy to put together. Highly recommended.
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By Undrtkrbob
Got 2 kits from TC. They arrived broke because SC Post office isn't the most careful people. He was happy and quick to replace them for me. New guns arrived today. He took the "Fool me once..." approached. Everything was tightly wrapped to make sure the same problem didn't happen again. Very appreciative of how he took care of shipping again. Workmanship is fantastic.
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By Vincenzo330
I bought a "reject" v2.5 Thrower Kit from TC about 2 weeks ago for a commission build, but it's barely a "reject". TC always ships promptly, wraps his items with care and gives good communication.

I can't wait for the v3.0 kits!!!
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By Man_of_Film
Just recieved new gun kit.........................................AWESOME. Great service. Fast shipping. A++++++++++++++++++
By BlkMesaHero
Once again TC has outdone himself. His Proton Gun Kit arrived a few days after my order. Well packed and well made. I will always enjoy doing business with TC.
By XenuPrime
I've been waiting for TC's gu. Kit and anticipated it so much I wondered if it would live up to the hype. It did! I feel lucky to own it and recommend TC as a seller. The gun was professionally packed and I can't wait to finish it.
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By SpaceBuster
Got my TC v3.0 today, very well packed and I can not believe how well my switches fit it in right off the bat. Everyone, if you are buying throwers please get them from him, there is much detail and perfection in this thrower I can stop playing with it.
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By Sutton621
just got my V3 proton gun body today in the mail. It's unbelievable, hardly any work needed to be done to it,other than cutting off the bottom plate of the gun body which just involved running a exacto knife over it a few times (which is quick and easy to fix). I'm glad I waited to buy one of his throwers, it's a great product and I can't recommend it enough!
By OAOSwartz
This is an amazing kit (bought the full kit) and I couldn't build it fast enough.

I have already received numerous comments on it and I just finished it & haven't taken it to an event yet. I can't say enough about this kit and TC is an awesome person to buy from. I wish I had taken more progress pics of the wand build but, as stated, I was so excited to get it together that I totally forgot.

Please check out my profile to see my new pack built with this amazing wand kit.

Anyone looking to buy a new wand kit I can't suggest buying the V3.0 Kit from TC enough.
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By Sutton621
Just wanted to add more feedback. After running into a slight hiccup in assembling my wand I sought out help from TC and he couldn't have been nicer or more courteous. He really went out of his way to make sure everything worked out and I was satisfied with my purchase. I seriously cannot recommend buying these parts enough. Truly a great person to do business with.
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By Porturtle
I picked up a 3.0 kit and just got it in the mail on Friday!

ThrowingChicken/Chase was awesome throughout the whole process.

I sent a PM, he sent an invoice, I paid, he shipped. That easy.

Chase communicated promptly and clearly throughout the whole process.

The Kit as nicely packed and looks amazing. I can't wait to get started on the build, and with the build threads TC has posted have been really helpful when I was soft fitting it together before my weekend trip.

I would highly suggest his gun kit to all those who are looking for one.
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By Harry Carpenter
Just got my kit yesterday, after a post office hiccup. But either way, not TC's fault, and he has been nothing but amazing through the shipping and ordering process. He put up with my stupid questions I had, and probably will have further on.

I got a response from any message I sent within the same day, if not within a few hours. Excellent Customer service.
I already played with the parts from the kit, and I can see the detail of the work put into the parts. Best I've seen yet. I can't wait to start building.
Packing was amazing too. Lots of bubble wrap, and plastic wrap to keep the parts together. Great work on that! I'd recommend this kit to anyone. I would just like to see a more laid out "how to" guide of how to make a thrower with this kit....But the kit seems fairly easy to figure out as it is.
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By roopjm
I got my V3.0 Gun Kit 2 weeks ago. It is everything I hoped for in doing a gun upgrade! He has also been INCREDIBLY awesome in responding to questions.

TC, and all the sellers here (MMM, AJ Quick, Ahncon, jpa35, JayStantz Nick-O-Tron) are valuable members of the GB fandom!
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By Jonobiwan
Finally received my TC v3 Gun Kit today...........damn UK customs for holding it for 2 weeks!! :)

It's an absolute work of art, I almost feel nervous thinking about drilling holes in it but also excited to get started!
I can't recommend this guys stuff enough, it came well packed, it's professionally made and for the price, it's well worth it!

Thanks a lot mate :)
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By Andrew Phung
Got my thrower kit yesterday. It's truly amazing! Just like everyone says, it's a piece of art. Package was shipped promptly and everything was wrapped and taken care of. Highly recommended!!
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By skeg_man
I'm hopeless at leaving feedback... All I can say is that Chase was very prompt and supplies a near perfect product. He was also too kind in sending a small piece that he left out free of charge although I was stressing over it. :) OUTSTANDING bloke!! Thanks for a smooth transaction. :)
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By jblancha2003
I just got my V3 kit today. It came very well packed and it's amazing how quickly it shipped. It is a high-quality kit, very well made with great detail and it looks like almost no clean up will be required. Definitely worth the price, I almost don't want to start putting it together because I don't want to damage it.
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By westies14
Had TC's original gun kit, and it was a really nice piece. Just received his v3 in a trade, and it's absolutely as good as any resin kit could be. Beautiful engineering, construction, and casting. Thumbs up!
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By TheRockman
Just received my thrower kit. From what everyone has said about his kit, I must say that they're right. Quick shipping, excellent product. I'll be back for more!
By Ivor13
Not much more I can add to all the above praise - it's by far the best gun kit available, honestly he should be charging more! Thanks again!
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By lunchbox739
Got my TCV3 today...Fast shipping (6 day turn around from payment to arrival) It was well packaged and exactly as described. The quality of the casting is top notch...there will be very little cleanup. I'm very pleased with this kit... If you are looking for a resin thrower, TC is the man to check wont be disapointed.
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By xtrmn8r17
Got my v3 gun kit, amazing!!!

One of the front gun knobs was missing from the kit and Chase took action and sent me the missing knob! Excellent customer service!

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