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By gbrob
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Been meaning to leave feedback for a while... sorry Richard!

I also Got the heat sink a couple weeks ago, as well as all the gun knobs. Excellent stuff!!

Thanks for your help with my project. :) Highly recommended!
By NHVenkman
Bought an aluminum gun box, instrument bar attached to the trigger box, and left gun ear. I ordered it on monday and he shipped tuesday. I couldnt be happier with my items and service. I have also ordered some things in the past and forgot to write feedback. I will definatly order from Umori again. I also need to say that he actually kept in contact with me as he was traveling cross country.
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By Kingpin
I purchased an aluminium gunbox with rear instrument bar and trigger box on December 20th, and they arrived today. Super quick delivery, great communication and fantastic quality product. I will be ordering a lot more parts from Umori in the future.
By Grub
I'm having a bit of trouble after having purchased a gun kit costing $600 + ... I've emailed him twice for an update after buying and getting no reply and asking for a tracking number or ship dates etc. Anyone else had any issues recently?
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By AJ Quick
I'm having a bit of trouble after having purchased a gun kit costing $600 + ... I've emailed him twice for an update after buying and getting no reply and asking for a tracking number or ship dates etc. Anyone else had any issues recently?
I believe someone else has been waiting on a gun kit for the last 12 months or so.
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By mburkit
I'm having a bit of trouble after having purchased a gun kit costing $600 + ... I've emailed him twice for an update after buying and getting no reply and asking for a tracking number or ship dates etc. Anyone else had any issues recently?
I believe someone else has been waiting on a gun kit for the last 12 months or so.
I had a friend that actually waited 14 months to get his gun. He JUST got it earlier this month.
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By JoeLuna33
I believe someone else has been waiting on a gun kit for the last 12 months or so.
Not to pile on, but I know a guy that bought a gun over 2 years ago and still has not received all the parts he ordered. I had a few pieces machined for his and my guns that we were missing. Its to bad because the product is awesome.
By Grub
See, I heard parts were taking a long time so I DELIBERATELY asked in the intial email for a timescale. He said he had one left over, good to go. Then he's actually told me he's posted it after I asked for an update, having received no word for a few days after paying. I've emailed again asking for shipping details, twice, with no reply.

I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt but if he's actively avoiding me and straight up lying then that's a different matter. I'm giving him until the end of the week to reply, I think that's more than generous. Failing that, I'll have to take it up with PayPal.

Obviously I don't hold GB fans in any way associated with him in terms of the sale etc. But if he's just taken my money then I'd have to vote for him to added to the blacklist for sellers ...
By Grub

I've since received word from Umori and actually got the item through the post, so potential buyers can disregard the concerns I posted above. Turns out I was right to give him the benefit of the doubt and the item itself is a real quality piece.

So yeah, recommended!
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By dred
I contacted umoribawar last monday to ask about a trigger/instrument box, trigger tip, and front and rear cylinders. He said he'd have everything in about a week and he did. He shipped it the day of payment and it arrived today. Perfect transaction. Perfect product. Will use again.
I posted last week on the Wanted forum that I wanted a GB2 V-Hook. Later that night RJ PM'd me with a picture of one of his and offered to make me one the next day, since he had the day off from work. After checking out some of his work on the site and reading his feedback thread I decided to buy from him. There was a small hiccup in shipping, but I got it today and I'm very happy with the part. The price was very fair compared to what I've seen offered lately as well. I intend to purchase from him again in the future.
bought a trigger tip from him and it arrived way sooner than i thought. Beautiful craftsmanship. Definately recommend. I can see myself spending lots of money on his items.
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By Ernest Reid
He does make a nice thrower,, but the wait was killer,, if time isnt crucial he's your man,, just dont be surprised if you wait a bit,,
but his pieces are nice.
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By Denike
Ordered a bunch of parts, the package arrived pretty quick but it was missing about half the order.

The parts that did arrive were beautiful!
Don't misunderstand me: this seller has top quality stuff.

I just wish everything had arrived at the same time.
By SterioDesign
just ordered a bunch of parts, crossing my fingers that im getting all of them quick and all together, got in touch with the seller this week and he said he had everything in stock so technically it should be fine.

Most of the feedback here is positive but some people had to wait a long time i really hope im not one of them lol
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By Kingpin
I recently placed a large order for a selection of parts from Umori for my next Proton Pack, including:

* Welded aluminium Proton Gun front barrel with inner barrel for rotation.
* Aluminium front cylinder.
* Aluminium rear cylinder.
* Gold-coloured washers (for Proton Gun barrel)
* S-hook

Welded aluminium front barrel
The item is nicely constructed and very clean in all of it's parts.
It should be noted for all future customers considering ordering the front barrel that it's best to do so at the same time you order the rest of the Proton Gun in order to guarantee that all the parts fit. I foolishly ordered my front handle a year or so after I'd ordered one of Umori's aluminium Proton Guns, and the end result is that the inner tube doesn't want to cooperate with being fed into the outer tube that was welded to the Gun Box.

Fortunately, I believe I can work around this... I'd bought some lengths of aluminium tubing back when I was going to attempt to make the front handle, and still having these around, I should be able to use them. After a quick test I've found that the inner tube I'd bought for my effort fits the Gun Box nicely, and with a little persuasion fits the newly-arrived barrel. With a bit of sanding, and maybe a bit of lubricant... I imagine the outer tube will slide nicely on the inner tube for the barrel rotation.

There are two minor issues specific to the front barrel that I'll mention:
The first is that due to the way the weld spot for the rectangular ear has built up, it has made it difficult to use the barrel adaptor I'd bought from Franchesky (it won't sit flat against the edge of the tube). This issue may be correctable by filing the weld spot down a little, so I'm not too worried.

A more significant issue I've encountered however, is that none of the resin grips I've tried* will currently fit between the rectangular ear and the Gun Lock Block. As both have been welded to the barrel the only way to correct this issue will be to file/saw off about 5mm worth of material from whichever grips I end up using.

* I checked to see if either the brown grips I got from Nick-a-tron or the black grips cast from one of the screen-used Packs by Venky would fit, but as they're both about the same size neither option will fit. I recall seeing a build with Umori's welded barrel which was described as having a pair of Venky's grips attached.

Aluminium front and rear cylinders
The front cylinder is nicely cut and drilled, but as it's largely unmodified there isn't much room for anything about it to go wrong. The rear cylinder is nicely machined, with a hidden internal space milled into it to reduce the weight. The rear cylinder has also been machined so that a Clippard barb screws smoothly into it as soon as it's out of the box.

Reported more as a matter of idealised personal preference rather than a big issue, is that in an ideal world, the two cylinders and the Gun Lock Block and rectangular Gun Ear would've come with screws for mounting the respective Cylinders to the Gun Box, and the two block details to the grip I'd be installing.

I enquired with Umori as to the sizing, but as he wasn't completely certain I'll default to the smaller of the two sizes he mentioned first... and if need be I'll order the larger size. It's for this reason I would advise either including the screws as standard, like we've seen with various gun knob runs... or including the screw sizes on the part pages. That being said, I am (and I'm sure others are as well) happy to pay a little extra so that the screws are included as standard with those particular parts.

Gold coloured washers and S-Hook
Initially listed as sold out on his website, Umori let me know when I'd asked that he had more in stock, which I promptly ordered. They will need a bit of drilling/filing so that they will fit the cap head screws he supplied with my original Proton Gun, but this isn't a huge problem.

The S-Hook is of nice quality, and hopefully will fit my Gun Track when it arrives. :)

Aside from those few issues, I am extremely satisfied with the transaction and overall quality of the pieces. Umori's communication was good, and I believe his new business model of building up a surplus of particular parts has helped to improve the business experience, removing the past complaint of how long the production time was. I received my parts very quickly after purchase (and that's taking into account we're separated by the Atlantic), and will definitely consider buying from him again. :)
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By Sephiroth
I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that umoribawar has been an absolute awesome supplier of quality parts/accessories. I have purchased the following metal parts so far: left and right gun ears, trigger tip, thin-wall tip converter, 3 brass replica banjos, GB1 3-piece v-hook, and 2 brass spacers.

RJ has always responded promptly to communications between us and shipped the items to me very quickly. Just wanted to give well-deserved credit to him for truly impeccable service, thank you!

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