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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for nick-a-tron.

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By F-N-S
I bought a resin ghost trap kit from him. Great price and very fast shipping. The kit is great, very clean cast and only minor cleanup needed!

By abaka
I also recieved this item from him and have much the same to say, the item arrived the very next day after payment clearing.
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By gazza554
yep, i have same as above to say

great cast! great seller, and great after purchase communication

By Astro_zombie
I just bought his 1/6 scale proton pack to flush out my Ray figure I made a month or so back. Its a flawless cast and shipped fast, also its pretty much 100% movie accurate (which is why Im replacing my 80%ish one with his lol)

10 outta 10 man, ill be sure to buy more when i get to work on Egon and Peter!
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By SteveGilmour
Received my second trap from the mighty Nick-a-Tron, absolutely first class yet again. Very high quality of craftsmanship, as I have come to expect from him. Delivery was so quick I think he must be sleeping with someone from the Royal Mail!!! Seriously though, excellent casted kit, fast delivery and a thoroughly diamond gentleman to deal with. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Many Thanks Nick.
By Coz_UK
In praise of Nick-a-tron: 8-)

Paid on the night of Sept. 4th, received my purchase on the 6th! Well packaged and bubble-wrapped, too.

Clean and sharp castings, with minimal to no cleanup required! Bright white lightweight resin (Alumilite?).
Will certainly be purchasing more items as soon as they become available! :grin:

I heartily recommend Nick to fellow GB'ers, both UK and internationally!

Cheers Nick! :crunch:

By Lionbush
Blue perspex power cell cover was in great condition and arrived very quick. Well packed too.

Will certainly use again, cheers nick!
By hawaiiangb
Highly recommend his 1/6 scale proton packs....they were packed well and shipped on the date that he said it would. Highest possible marks.....Now .......are there traps available?
By oldhope001
Bought the P/Pack resin Clippard and Resistors off of e-bay. Fast delivery and safe packing, and they look awesome. My pack will at least have something good on it. Hope to buy more soon.
By Luke R
I bought a Mark I trap kit from Nick back when they were first offered, it's a great piece, nice clean thick resin casting.

I have also bought various resin resistors, a couple of crank knobs, all of which are very nice clean castings, requiring very minimal clean up.

Nick's a cool guy to deal with, he's always quick to respond to enquiries and mails items quickly, highly recommended.
By Dog Pants
Just got my resin resistors, clippards and grips from Nick. The parts are well detailed and need a minimum of cleanup, and they feel pretty sturdy. Despite a mistake on my part with the addresses, I still got them very quickly - less than 48 hours after I gave him the correct address - and during the process he was very quick to respond.
By ghosttrooper
great parts & fast shipping .... hopefully nick can offer more parts soon to do business with him again
By GB_Wales
Ordered my parts Tuesday, they were shipped to me Thursday and got here this morning (next day)!!
Great Stuff, great Quality casts!! Thanks again Nick!
By Stay Puff 22
ALL HALE THE GREAT KING NICK-A-TRON!!! Just recieved a fully done proton wand and it is without a doubt a perfect piece.Thanks for the great communication,the quick shipping (UK to the US in one week) and for the help in starting me off in this journey!!!!!!!! :cool:
By djw87
Nick sold me a gun box with heatsink. Very fast delivey and very pleased!

Thanks dude

By robert murray
just recived a 1/6 proton pack kit great piece minamal clean up very detailed.highly recomend buying from A+ work.very satisfied customer.

By Venkman_UK
I just recieved a trap knob kit from Nick. A1 quality and really fast shipping. Even better as it is cast in black resin rather than cream and minimal prep work needed.
Cheers buddy

By elwoodlpool
Recieved a resin clippard valve excellent quaility and packed really well a pleasure to so business with.

Thanks Again

By Prefect42
NOBODY steps on a 1/6th scale church in my town!

I just received my "built and painted" 1/6th scale proton pack from Nick. It is amazing. Nick even had the alice pack frame installed.

This is going to help me get back to work on my full size pack.

And the service, all the way from England to Los Angeles was lightning fast.

Thanks Nick.

By Prefect42
Nick does it again.

Ordered a set of grips for the wand and a front handle lock block. And I'm loving the black resin he's using now.

And as always, great communication and incredibly fast service.

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