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By logirl26
just got the stunt trap. very respectable piece of work. a few blemishes but fixable. other than that, great prop and very lightweight. great job nick-a-tron!!!!!Thanks!!!!!
By Filandrius
Nick is everything that makes a great seller. He makes good looking, quality stuff, and he ships it lightning-fast. I mean, my booster frame got here in 6 days (weekend included) from the UK. And his stuff is some of the best-looking resin parts around. Really can't recommend him more. My booster frame won't be my last order! (Especially since the next order has already been placed :P)
By logirl26
i just got 2 sets of trap details with a trap pedal vector plate. all pieces are resin casted and very neatly and professionally done. shipping very reasonable and fast. Thanks Nick!!!
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By Vincenzo330
I don't know how Nick can get parts all the way to the US so quickly, he must have a secret sweat shop here in the states : :lol:

I got Nick's gun box and gun handles. They are SUPER clean! Mine were perfect casts with no air holes and a beautiful finish made with a nicely colored (dark gray) resin.

Clean up on the handles were minimal, the gun box takes a little more work just because I had to dremel a bit of material on the inside out to custom fit my light board. The gun box is SUPER sturdy and strong, I'm using all metal parts on this build and I am not worried at all about the box holding up.

I highly recommend using Nick-a-tron for any resin parts that he has available.
By Dr. Kyle Stevens
I bought the stunt pack that he had for sale on here, back in late February and I got yesterday. I am really proud of it and it was worth the price and the wait. Thanks again,Nick. A+++
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By Kingpin
Bought a heatsink from Nick, love the indentations for drilling so it can be bolted onto the Proton Gun.

Once again, stellar service from nick-a-tron. :)
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By mburkit
I just purchased Nick's set of ecto-goggles he made from gb_dan's resin cast run. Nick did a great job putting these together with lenses and actual AN/PVS-5 straps. He always is able to show what a craftsman he is, no matter what prop he tackles.

Thanks Nick!
By Filandrius
My latest order from Nick just got here, and boy is it impressive. The quality of his resin parts are well-known, but his crank knob looks just like the real thing. Honest! :) And Nick made me a custom order: a metal PPD (which he did by cutting a pipe to the right size and filling it with resin) That thing is extremely well made; he even sanded the resin and the metal iself. The thing came prepped for paint! Incredible. Can't recommend him enough. :)
By needafix14
I bought both some proton pack, and some trap parts from nick, and they are absolutely top notch quality. you just can't beat his parts store for quality parts you can't find anywhere else!
By deekman
I bought the bits I needed to finish my pack (booster frame, clippard, resistors) and I can't praise the parts enough. Super crisp, minimal cleanup, and all around awesome. Plus, I got my order in a week, much fast than I thought especially since I'm across the pond. Definitely looking forward to ordering from again.
By Davlin
Ordered a set of tubings and a booster frame. Excellent seller, fast shipping, great parts. Thanks Nick ! :)
By 88reaper88
Ordered a set of tubing and Ion arm resistors, arrived quickly and well packaged.
Resin parts very well finished with no imperfections.

Couldn't recommend Nick more, excellent seller, great communication and help!
If this was ebay he'd be: A+++++++++++++++++++++ 5 Stars allround.
By Rustyjeffears
Bought a gun and trigger box. Excellent work on both pieces and very quick delivery.

By Svee
Just got a pack hose kit and booster frame from Nick. Awesome stuff. Great quality items.
Thanks again mate :)
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By nick-a-tron
thomp wrote:Just wanted to say i purchased nick-a-trons kit and i could quite easily spray the parts and put it together if i wanted, without the need for sanding, filling etc. The parts come so well molded and that there is very little work for me to do Would defo buy again

Thanks Again
By antaresprop
I have bought from nick quite a lot pieces, all perfect and immediate consignment. Very nice and cordial person. Ok. Thanks Nick
By ScoutSi
Ordered loads of stuff, and not only was it all in stock, it was with me in no time !

All parts superbly cast and needed minimal cleanup if at all.

Top notch seller, highly recommended
By Filandrius
I just bought some rare stuff from Nick (Bobamatt vinyls and Legris straights) that I was looking for in the Wanted forum. He answered fast (to both my threads :P) and shipped even faster. Everything was perfect, from the price to the packing. Can't thank you enough, man. Cheers! :)
By pchrisbosh1
I've bought from Nick numerous times and he is one of the coolest most helpful guys on here and consider him a buddy. Keep up the awesome work Nick.

By AlphaReis
I just received a group of proton gun parts I ordered from Nick. They all look great; I can't wait to put them to use. Ordering was quick and easy; shipping was fast and very reasonable. Keep up the great work, Nick.
By AlexC
I ordered a gun box, clippard and a few assorted parts for the thrower from Nick.

The items were sent out on Wednesday and arrived on the Tuesday. Super fast delivery from the UK to Japan!

Again, EXCELLENT service, communication and quality. The parts are crisp with minimal to no prep work needed. I think Nick re-did some of his molds recently. The 701 Clippard certainly SEEMS better than the first one I got. And that one was excellent.
By 69slimer
I have bought lots of resin parts from nick - gun box, clippard valves, booster ladder, tubing set, crank gear, gun track PPD, HGA, grips etc etc.

All his parts are cast to an exceptional standard and look the absolute muts nuts when painted. Can't recommend him enough.
By pchrisbosh1
I've placed a few orders in the past few weeks with NIck. All arrived lightning fast and super crisp and clean. Always a pleasure doing business with Nick.
By Prefect42
Nick-a-tron does it again! Always a pleasure doing business with you.

I just ordered elbow pads from him. They look perfect and arrived in record time. England to Los Angeles in a couple of days.

Thanks Nick.

By Agent Gibbs
I ordered all Nick's new stock and as always fast delivery and perfect products

just need his ion arm when he does it to finish my pack before painting now
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