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By kind2311
Got some gun grips and a barrel lock block a few days ago. Great stuff, great prices, nick-a-tron FTW . . . . . agaiN!

Here's a quick and easy way to make his gun grips to fit 1-1/4" OD gun handles: Simply wrap 120 grit sandpaper around your handle and run the grip up and down the handle, it sands the resin down very quickly and will produce a perfect fit

Thanks again Nick!
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As usual, i only have good things to say about this guy. Bought like 4 trap kits and they came to me with the speed of light., one trap pedal came broken and he inmediatly send me a replacement. So i say buy from him. I´m sad that he´s not selling his trap kits anymore. :cry:
By teabelly83
got my finished pack and trap today from nick and they are outstanding!!

thanks ALOT nick!!
By UK Ghostbuster 89
I just brought, and im now the proud owner of Nicks trap molds,

First of all, brilliant quality!!

Id definately recommend Nick as a seller, very helpful and friendly and replied almost instantly to messages !
I look forward to using again.


By pchrisbosh1
Ive ordered a few parts from Nick and have to say they are high quality, shipment was super fast, good prices and just a overall nice guy to do business with Thanks Nick
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By FeinDTacticS
just got my ghost trap from nick and the grips...

Workmanship A++++++++++
Detailing A++++++++++++++++++++++

overall satisfaction A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Nick is the man.. i just wish he could paint my pack when im done with it hehe...
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By kind2311
Just got some gun grips, a locking block and his new booster frame today.

Everything is great as usual, the booster frame is gorgeous and all pieces require only minor clean-up

By bobamatt
I just got a pair of Clippards.

Very Nice! Very Clean!

Thanks Nick!

I will be purchasing a booster frame shortly...
By GB_Wales
Got a booster frame and a resin heat sink on Saturday, arrived today (Tuesday)
Awesome grade A stuff! Thanks again!
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By FeinDTacticS
Krenzy wrote:I just received my trap from Nick. Absolutely amazing casting work, and unbelievable painting!!

And I have to add, I have the very last Nick-a-tron trap cast and painted! Thank you so much man. I really appreciate it!

I guess I own the second to last one then, this ADDS value! lol
By doomseeker
Received my trap parts 2 days after ordering, brilliant!

Quality is awesome, I'm a very happy chappie!
By Leon Zundinger
Ordered a pair of booster frames and some miscellaneous trap stuff about a week ago. Got the package today and the pieces are very, very clean. I love the quality of the black resin. Highly recommended seller!
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By gbmickey
I just got my 1/6 proton pack and trap. They're sweeeet. What else can I say? Nick-a-tron gets nothing but good feedback! Carefully packaged and shipped fast :) It's, the first time I buy from him but will do again. Thanks!
By Lionbush
Got a small gun block thingy...

Very quick postage and a great piece. Fantastic to deal with!

Cheers :)
By Ectofiend666
*Shoulda done this awhile back - I got a 1/6th pack and trap from this kinda sir ;-):cool: ...EXCELLENT casting, fast and friendly service to boot!

*100% a class act!!

By bnkpro
Booster frames arrived super quick and really fantastic. So clean - and the black resin looks great.
Thanks Nick!
By RedSpecial
I bought a pair of clippards from Nick, Nice and clean, very well made and at a great price.
Delivery was really quick, they were only sent yesterday and ive got them already!

Thanks Nick :cool:
By Janoszpoha
Great guy to do business with! Got the last of my parts yesterday... had a bit of a mix-up with the order, but was sorted out straight away with no extra hassle.
Definitely coming back to him soon!
By neo_virus
Ordered some trap parts from him Monday afternoon, they arrived Wednesday morning. Amazingly fast delivery and great communication, answered all my questions promptly. Great service & member to the community.

Cheers Nick!
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THanks a lot nick! I ordered 2 1:6 pack kits and they are great! flaw less. And I even got a free trap gift!

Thanks Nick, will be ordering some parts for my 1:1 pack also.

By Coz_UK
Ordered a bundle of parts from Nick, had them in my grubby mitts in a couple of days!

Perfect casts, clean & sharp - darn near ready to go on the pack right outta the package!

Cue the jingle:
"You know you can't go wrong-
when you buy from Nick-A-Tron!"

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