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By Hoot
I ordered a set of three knobs in resin from Nick. To my disgust, he sent me three items of perfect quality that would be impossible for me to ruin (we will see about that!!!)

As always Nick gets a Class 5 from me. Great seller and great contributor to our community.
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By Ecto-3A
Received a pack kit today that I ordered from Nick a few months back. It was definitely well worth the wait! The detail on the shell is fantastic and the quality of the resin parts are equally as pleasing. Nick did a fine job of packing everything up for the trip across the pond. I am looking forward to ordering a motherboard and an additional set of straps from him very soon.

Speaking of which, I had also ordered a set of his padded straps. His seamstress is a no doubt a professional and I am sure these will hold up to quite a bit of the abuse coming there way.

Thanks Nick!
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By Venkman's Swagger
Nick has been nothing short of exceptional during and after every order I've had the pleasure of placing with him. He knocked out so much work in such a short space of time to ensure I had my surprise mounted shell for my birthday. We are blessed to have some incredible sellers on here but IMO Nick tops the lot. Thanks again for the awesome parts and mounted shell
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By gbchef
I just received my gb2 super padded straps from Nick! I sent him a set of lc -1 straps I had to have the padding added. Let me tell you, these things are awesome! I put them on my hero pack, which before killed my back after an extended amount of wearing, and now the world of difference is unbelievable! I highly recommend them, and anything Nick sells for that matter!
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By LeBloop
I have purchased a semi hero bargraph few month ago and a rubber leg hose connector last week from Nick.
Always have a good communication, and fast shipping with good package.
Very great seller.
Thank you Nick!
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By twmedford23
I hate to leave negative feedback, especially for someone like Nick. I ordered a Volguus bumper along with a replica bellows on Feb 10th. I thought I had ordered well in advance for Wizard World, which began today. One week went by and I asked for an update regarding shipping and that I really hoped to have it by April 1st. Nick promised it would be sent out in a "few days" and that "you'll have it for the con".

About a month later, I asked again about the order, and learned that it still had not been shipped out. Not thinking much about it at this point as I knew Nick probably did have his hands full, I asked if he would be able to add a HGA and some replica Legris straights.

Another two weeks go by and no communication from Nick's end. At this point I was getting worried. I honestly don't mind waiting for parts, especially from Nick, but in this circumstance, I absolutely needed the bumper and bellows(not so much the HGA or straights) as I had recently sold my completed pack, which admittedly was a dumb move on my part as I knew Wizard World was coming up. I messaged Nick again only to learn that nothing had been shipped out yet. I kindly asked for a refund only to be told, "can't give a refund as the resin has been purchased. sorry. all I can promise is that'll ship next week". I sent him this message, "no worries. I just hope everything gets here in time. Thanks again." I wasn't so much frustrated at this point as I was worried about not having money to purchase a bumper from somebody else, which is the only reason I asked for a refund.

On the 23rd, I got a message from him that the package is "on its way". It's now the first and Wizard World has started. I still haven't received anything. It's just been a disappointing experience. Maybe I shouldn't have asked for those extra parts, otherwise the bumper might be here by now. But I trusted Nick and he assured me that everything would be here in time. It is what it is, I suppose.
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By nick-a-tron
Ever so sorry about not having your parts to you on time twmedford23, the last few months ive been flooded with orders and so some orders have taken much longer to ship than usual. Trying to get everyones order to them on time still means that some folk are left waiting longer than others. As an apology for not having your parts to you id like to offer you a discount on your next order. Just shoot me a PM or email when youd like to place an order an ill knock a decent percentage off for you. Again, very sorry.
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By Callowflax
I recently collected a GB1 semi hero pack commission from Nick that I'd put in a while ago, and I have to say that I'm really happy with the finished product and Nick's customer service! He had kept me informed throughout the build, provided photo updates, etc, and was thoroughly pleasant to deal with. About half way into the build he gave me the offer of upgrading to an aluminium thrower which I jumped at.

Even now that the pack is with me he's still offered to send me bits and pieces (I had mentioned stickers for the clippards to him after the fact) and I think that speaks volumes. He cares about the builds and making his customers happy, and if I had the money and the space I'd commission another!

Now I'm off to trawl through the forums and work out how to get electronics in the pack, but I cannot recommend Nick's services enough!

Cheers Nick!

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By Stantz 718
Recently purchased GB1 style spacers from Nick. Great experience and I was totally satisfied with my purchase. I will continue to do business with Nick.
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By Jordin
I ordered a booster rame,grips and bumper from Nick, he shipped them quickly and they were packaged well. We had a bit of a problemthough he accidently sent me a Volgus Bumper instead of the regular clean one I had requested, once I informed him of the error he quickly shipped me a replacement, and told me to keep the other one.

Great Service I will certainly be back in the future!
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By Riggs45
Another stellar experience with Nick, I ordered Goggle Lenses and dials. As well as some trap dials and some Legris Straights. They came fast, with amazing communication from Nick along the way. As always, the parts are top notch!

Cheers Nick
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By DRoomProductions
I've ordered from Nick twice now, and have been incredibly pleased on both occasions. My first order was for a couple of his rubber belt gizmos, and the second for one of his trap and peddle kits. All parts are beautifully cast and incredibly easy to work with. I highly recommend purchasing from Nick, and intend to continue throwing money at him in the future.
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By Naptime
I ordered Nick's new hero bumper, booster frame, gun grips and resin crank knob. They arrived very quickly and Nick was a pleasure to deal with. I'm very happy with the quality of his work and thought so highly of his service I ordered his MK2 trap kit and trap pedal base. I even asked him if he had vinyl pack stickers available even though they are not listed on his site (I saw them in an unboxing YouTube vid of one of his kits) and he was nice enough to dig one up for me!

Nick does things right. He's an excellent communicator and the quality of his work speaks for itself. I would most definitely recommend him for anyone looking for pack parts or kits!

Thank you, Nick!
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By twmedford23
Just received another set of parts from Nickatron: hero bumper, n filter and replica Legris fittings. All excellent and needing no additional clean up.
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