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By UK Ghostbuster 89
Got various resin parts from Nick, and am now the owner of his GB1 pack.

all parts are top quality,

got nothing but good words to say about nick, friendly, helpful and he takes alot of pride with his work, to build up the good name he deserves.

see ya again sometime,
By protokev
ordered a clippard, boosterframe and grips.
Parts are great, but i want to share something so people arent misled, my clippard has some divits in the label area , and nick said that they are from the molds and not a shipping error. This way people dont think something bad happened along the way.

Easily fixed and hidden any way.
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By JayStantz
Hello all. I wanted to go above and beyond my own experience and give some well-deserved praise to nick-a-tron for his parts shop! When I was a new newbie, i ordered parts right away from the GB shop and nick-a-tron, and received them promptly (from nick-a-tron) and was pleased with both the quality (wow!) and care he put in the packaging of the parts. (care). As an old newbie I went back to nick for more parts(because he is awesome) and will do so again and again if I ever need anything. Cheers! to NICK-A-TRON. I, HIGHLY, recommend him.
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By Prefect42
Ordered a full belt gizmo kit. It arrived lightening fast. And the kit, as is everything from Nick, is perfect.

Plus, he's just a great guy to deal with too. Fast and friendly communication.

Keep up the good work, Nick.

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By carpathiankitty
ive ordered a few things from nick in the last couple of months (trap knobs, gun grips, clippards, vector plates, probably a few more things, im trying to collect the set lol) from ebay and on here. They are are always fantastic quality and arrive really quickly. your'e a life saver babe! x
By lovers
I ordered a few things off nick-a-tron and i am more than happy.
Oh and everything made it all the way to Australia without a scratch.

Thanks heaps mate.
By Cous3
Ordered some bits and pieces off Nick to help with a trap/pedal I'm working on.

Nick's communications are spot on letting you know how your order is doing. Mine arrived well packaged and with no delays.

10 out of 10 for Nick, highly recommended.........Cheers mate!

By section33
Ordered some pieces to finish off my pack, Cmae through looking brilliant and damn fast too


Cheers Nick

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By JayStantz
Hello everyone! I have left enthusiastic feedback for nick-a-tron before, because I bought resin parts from him in the past and was very impressed with their quality. As a return customer to him, I am once again blown away! His resin parts, that I was lucky enough to get were all cast in black resin (good!) VERY crisp and detailed (good!) needed no cleanup (good!) and arrived perfectly packaged (good!).

I hear from AJ that the Raytheon crank knobs are no longer going to be available in the shop, due to their price sky rocketing to $80dollars a piece for him to buy. If I may be so bold, and I don't know how nick-a-tron feels about this, but: "get your crank knob from nick-a-tron!"

I am making 2 packs right now and I only had one crank knob, and needed a second one, but after a moment to think about it I remembered nick's parts and ordered some more parts, including the crank knob. The point here is: The detail in his castings are so good and crisp, I can't tell his awesome crank knob apart from the real one! It's so good!

Buy parts from nick-a-tron. He is a valuable asset!
By ledelange
Picked up a belt gizmo kit a couple of days ago, absolutely great work!

Very good prices and very nice guy to deal with, can heartily recommend.

Cheers Nick!
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By TheRockman
Ordered some grips, booster frame, gun rail, and some misc parts. Arrived in great condition and quickly considering they shipped from the UK to US (granted east cost US). I was very impressed with the feel and contour of the grips as well as the details on the booster frame.

You can't go wrong with nick-a-tron! I'll be purchasing from him again when Pack #2 goes into production.
By ledelange
Got some resin trap parts from Nick at the end of last week, great bit o kit!

Really well cast, and look just the ticket! They were in my sweaty mitts within a couple of days of my pm, and to top it off, Nick popped some spare dials and bits and bobs in with my order as he had some left over resin. What a gent!

We salute you Sir Nick of Tron! :grin:
By jt001
I'd like to join the wagon of happy customers, too!

I ordered some stuff for the resin trap I'll be making soon. His casts are SUPER clean! They are flawless! They are cast in black resin and look like the real deal!

Communication was also great and Nick is a great guy to deal with!

Thanks Nick!!!
By venkman4077
Nick a tron is the best recieved my handle grips today there great!!! thanks.
By needafix14
i ordered some resin clippard valves from nick and they are amazing quality the "clippard" and and all detalis were perfect his parts are top notch that and he ships them amazingly fast from the U.K. to here! I was so impressed i ordered a gun box kit from him recently. I can't reccomend him enough!

Keep up the good work mate!
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By SteveGilmour
Got my belt gizmo pieces through in record time, as always excellent items. I have bough countless casts from Nick-a-tron and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Real nice guy, real pro builder and a real fan. You ain't no-one if ya don't buy from the 'tron.

Cheers Nick, always a pleasure.
By Agent Gibbs
Nick's Gun box turned up today at 7.35am 1 day after he posted

Uber Kudos to nick as it is perfect

5 stars in everything, worry free service
By tobins78
Ordered a Gun Box which came really fast and looks excellent. Will be buying pretty much one of everything Nick sells in the future. He's just that damn good!
By Darthdono74
Ordered a gun box from Nick.
Excellent product, very clean design!

Order wirh confidence!

Thanks Nick!
By damiansutton
posted this in the thread for nick-a-tron's gun boxes but i'll post here too

so here i am sitting in my living room on saturday morning, a little bored wondering what to do today, when almost in perfect synchronicity that 118 ghostbusters ad comes on and i hear a knock at the door, and it's the postie with a box, which i almost snatch out of his hand,,,,, i go into the living room and like a kid at christmas eagerly unwrap the box, and i have to say i was so pleasantly surprised with your work nick, i mean it looks great in your pictures but in hand this looks so professional and expertly done.....every piece of it is perfect, down to the minutest detail. you are a master craftsman and i urge, nay demand that anyone who's thinking about buying anything from nick, to do so, you seriously will not be disappointed... thanks sir, now i'll have to start building my pack

i can't praise his work highly enough.....unbelievable quality
By cheatingtheman
Does anybody have a bad word to say about this guy and his work? Nope? Me neither.

The parts I recieved are of the highest quality and beautiful too. I am amazed at how good in fact having never seen resin work before. I just bought some pvc pipe and began putting a thrower together and it already looks worlds better than anything I could've attempted on my own.

I will be buying again for the sheer quality of these pieces. I cannot wait to buy a booster frame.
By JL52020
I ordered a booster frame along with some other resin parts from Nick and everything looks top notch.
Also, the packed was shipped relatively fast from UK to NY... I placed my order and it showed up in about a week.
Thanks Nick!
By Agent Gibbs
so on the 16th i placed an order for all Nick's proton pack cast parts, everything he did i'd need

TODAY! they arrived and that is awesome! the quality is superb even down to where you can see where the clippard he cast from had a damaged label in places

i'm speechless no I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought over the sheer quality
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By Tyger Cheex
Agent Gibbs wrote:Ok
so on the 16th i placed an order for all Nick's proton pack cast parts, everything he did i'd need

TODAY! they arrived and that is awesome! the quality is superb even down to where you can see where the clippard he cast from had a damaged label in places

i'm speechless no I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought over the sheer quality
I can beat that!

I placed an order yesterday for a belt gizmo kit, I got a PM from Nick saying he'll ship it first thing tomorrow (ie, TODAY) but y'know what... it only bloody went and arrived in the post this morning!

Thanks nick... I'll be sure to post pictures of my build progress when I get all my bits together! (Almost there!)
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By mburkit
I just got some lenses for my proton pack from Nick. Took maybe a week to get them? That's not bad considering he's across the pond. Thanks Nick, I always enjoy doing business with you.
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