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By beardo
Just got my belt gizmo kit in the mail and it's amazing. Definitely a worthwhile purchase and is going to save me a ton of work!
By Eugene Speed
Cheers Nick for the spot-on service, all parts now primed, painted and weathered. Putting my first pack together has been a true joy thanks to your excellent items!

Not really much I can add to the long list of happy customers on this thread, I will definitely be ordering from Nick again for pack build #2! Keep up the good work!
By FrozenStar
Received the trap & pedal I ordered from Nick last week -- man is it beautiful!

Not only was everything shipped in a timely fashion, Nick was also very accommodating -- even sending me updated pictures of the item I purchased for no apparent reason other than to assure me my money was well spent...

... Worth every penny -- even if the exchange rate was far from in my favor :)

Thanks a ton Nick!
By UK Ghostbuster 89
yet another load of top quality parts from Nick.

arrived super fast, even in the middle of a postal strike,

the items and parts, are of the highest standard, Cheers Mate :)
By Peterlb
Great quality and detail. Fast turnaround. I ordered parts for gun on the 20th and it turned up at my home today - the 26th !!!! And I'm in the States !!!

By alphabeta001
Awesome parts, awesome delivery time.

Cheers Nick. :cool:
By ItalianNinja86
order a belt circuit from nick he got it to me quickly and its a wonderful casting with some amazingly clean detail thanks a lot Nick :grin:
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By goldenhawk
Bought a gun track from Nick. Beautiful resin casting. Quick shipping to the US from the UK too. Highly recommended.
By Dreamstalker
I bought a belt circuit kit, heatsink and some smaller pack bits. Fast shipping (quicker than I was expecting being from across the pond) and the quality is excellent. Can't wait to get started with these great parts; thanks man :)
By Bulletproof70
Bought a couple of the resin Legris Straight Fittings. Super speedy service and delivery. Great quality pieces too!
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By | alkaline |
Bought some thrower handles. They came in great shape and super quick from the thanksgiving time too ! Excellent quality, minimal clean up required. Thanks again !
By Garvin Ghostbuster
I ordered a set of front knobs and cylinders for my ghost trap,they are a very clean and smooth.

Took about two minutes to clean em up.

Super fast shipping,it took less than a week to get em.

Will buy from again.
By bigantkl
I bought a clippard valve, Crank knob & some resistors from him & they are absolutely brilliant, great quality pieces for a low price, I will definetly be buying more bits from this guy. :cool:
By wild_alive
Fantastic parts, really high quality. Parts got to me really quickly, great service!

Thanks again Nick
By RedSpecial
I got a Booster frame from nick , or maybe that should be Saint Nick-a-tron as he included a resin Crank knob aswell.
Once again very clean, very well made, fast postage and a great price.

Cheers Nick, Merry Christmas :grin:
By AlexC
Nothing but a pleasure doing business with Nick. I live in Tokyo and my order was out on a Thursday and arrived on the following Wednesday.

I ordered every part available for the thrower and the pack and each part was very well cast. I will definitely be ordering more from Nick in the future.

By AlexC
Oh, yeah. And speaking of Good Old Saint Nick. My Xmas gift was a set of the tubing required for the pack and the gun. Minus the split loom from the pack to the gun.

Awesome freebie.!!
By Prefect42
Nick is a resin mad man!

Just got my full set of trap parts. Everything was well packaged, beautifully cast and shipped quickly.

Always a pleasure doing business with you, Nick.

By NHVenkman
Wow Nick splendid Job I recieved my Clippard and booster frame last night. I must say you are the king
By Agent Gibbs
Got some more resin parts for my thrower and pack from Nick and as always the quality is superb and the shipping is out of this world, he puts most big companies to shame with his shipping speed
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By Derek
Got my thrower parts today....Nick was great in letting us know about the resin supplier mess up..

and it was well worth the wait!! The parts are perfect...


By RickH
Trap parts arrived in the mail yesterday. Very happy, thanks mate :)
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By Kingpin
I recently purchased two Clippard Valves from Nick, but due to his supply having run low he offered me the choice of waiting for the order of resin to arrive so he could cast some up, or that he would pack two pre-painted Clippards and dispatch them to me.

I opted for the painted ones, and I'm glad I made that choice, the finish is absolutely beautiful... the silver is almost as reflective as chrome!

Excellent product, always a pleasure to deal with.
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By Kingpin
Ordered and received one of Nick's front handle locking blocks, excellent price and sent arrived super quick.
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