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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for aka momeraths24.

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By SolidGoldCaddy
OK first off I want to say that I am normally an understanding consumer and I like to get what I pay for. This was ordered before his website with photos was up and running I would like to add. I paid $65 plus shipping to have this fella make, in his words, "an accurate v-hook" After paying him with paypal, I receieved some emails reguarding how he was backed up and slow to ship. Fine. I totally get and sympathize with that. Then a few days later I get my "accurate v-hook" WOW. If this is accurate, I want homemade junk. The female end is the dixie holder piece. Not machined aluminum, the actual dixie piece. The 12 cent piece. Yeah. Awesome. Then the male end is machined to fit the shitty dixie piece. Why would you do that? I asked him about a refund or something, here is the email message I got back.

Hello Chris.
The problem is that there's no refunds as all these parts are very time consuming and not easy to built. I can make an 100% replica of the V-Hook which is what I sell online but I only make the male part. I don't make any of the female part. Since I had some of the dixies female part I had to modify the v-hook to fit the female part of it. I currently made a set that includes the spacer but I can't make he one that is in the original plans with the female part. The V-hook in the picture is made to fit perfect with the female part and the spacer. Please send me an email and we'll see how I can help you better. Please see the picture.

The photos are no longer available. Hmm. Now he is charging 45 for the hook. BEWARE. I would not order from him. I told him selling a dixie hook under the title accurate is misleading and bad business. He told me not to email him again. Nice guy. I will file with paypal because it is significantly not as described. Heads up on this joker.
By tk7209
Sorry you got ripped off man, but thanks for the heads up.

I see his email addy is midwestpropsshop aka loveusmokey on Ebay. What's the deal, is he working as an agent for them? I bought a gun from loveusmokey quite recently but sent it back as it was a pile of crap. All credit due to them they refunded no problem. I'm suprised they/he wouldn't refund you.
By SolidGoldCaddy
He just sent a refund. Here are the messages as they were posted in the paypal dispute. Judge for yourself. Oh yeah the part where he said I would "threaten" him. I told him I would post a pic of his item here and let everyone know what they were getting. He must get the words reputation and threaten confused. Either way, I would steer clear.

From Buyer: Chris Gazda on 6/10/2008 12:07 PDT
I ordered an accurate to the movie machined aluminum(as my payment states) V-hook. I received a dixie cup holder half and a part that fits that. Significantly not what I ordered. I contacted the seller and asked about a refund, and was denied. I also asked about why the hook was not what I ordered. I was informed, "that what I make". I paid in the price range of a film accurate piece and got something not worth anything to me, and not as described. Then I was informed by the seller to not contact him anymore if I was filing with paypal. I dont know how else to resolve this. I just want to send it back and get my money back. Thank you.

From Seller: franchesky garay on 6/10/2008 17:57 PDT
I have already send you a refund for $50.00 from the $106.00 you sent for the shock mount. I'm going to go ahead to give you your little $56.00 which it's for the v-hook.
I have already contacted paypal and if you need to escalate this report you can go ahead and do it as I have all your emails including the one with the one you were threatening me. Paypal have been notified that you already received the refund for $50.00. I'm giving you this refund because I figure that you really need it, lol as well as I like for you to go on with your life and don't EVER email me again. Keep the part and do what ever you like with it.
You send payment via Paypal on Apr. 25, 2008 in the amount of $106.00
I refund you $50.00 via Paypal on May 14, 2008 for the Shock Mount
I'm refunding you the remaining $56.00 for the V-Hook

(His shock mount, aka ion knob, was horribly inaccurate and dull in color. I asked for a refund for that seconds after I paid. My fault on the whole deal)

From Seller: franchesky garay on 6/10/2008 17:58 PDT
you'll receive the $56.00 remaining today 6/10/08 and make sure you don't email me again.

From Buyer: Chris Gazda on 6/10/2008 19:35 PDT
I absolutely refuse to take a refund and keep the item. I will be sending the item back registered mail. I do need the refund. So I can buy an accurate part finally. Obviously you feel guilty or you would not have refunded the item and told me to keep it. So the desperation in your messages shows the kind of seller you are. You were caught trying to pull a fast one. I have no reason to make a claim with paypal, as long as you sign for the item when it is returned to you. I will not communicate with you again, other than through this message system.

Exoray said it best. READ THE DESCRIPTIONS AND LOOK AT THE PICS...Hope no one else gets hosed by this shit.
By SolidGoldCaddy
Maybe. I didnt state anything that wasnt fact, and I didnt resort to ignorant means to win the situation. I am just glad I got the money back to buy a decent part. Like I said, he was worried about me posting the final product and feedback on here, and acted on it with a refund. Either way, I care more about you guys getting screwed over, than the 50 bucks. I was going to report on this no matter what. I just hope he takes the part back. I dont want it and I dont even want to give it away. The straight dixie hook male/female is way better than this, this half-breed he made.
By SolidGoldCaddy
This guy is a trip. I dont even know how to handle this. Should I escalate to a claim and make him take it back?

From Seller: franchesky garay on 6/10/2008 21:33 PDT
Do Not return the item. I'll refuce to receive anything from you. If an item is received, I'll contact the police and notify paypal. Your refund was issued and there's absolutely nothing further to discust.
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By gunza
damn give it to me if you dont want it so bad. :eyeroll:

in either case, post a pic of this v hook, id like to see it.
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By Marsupial
what I think is:

you have your money back. Don't bother cruisin' for bruisin' - he's not worth it.

If you really don't want the dixie hook, send it my way, I was to get a set of dixie hooks at some point anyway. lol. :P
By SolidGoldCaddy
Well it isnt a dixie hook. Its half of one. Heres the pics. I am going to hang onto it for a little, just in case he decides to come to his senses and take it back. Otherwise he can say he gave me a refund without getting the item back. After a while I will just give it away.


It fits together very loose. and doesnt line up when fully engauged.
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By gunza
Indeed, that does look like a pile of junk...I still cant believe he thinks its acceptable to charge that much for it....especially seeing its only 1 half! LOL
By loly2kn2
haha, the guy so stole my idea...

I posted something in a thread last year about doing exactly the same thing to make a more accurate looking hook than the dixie.

Maybe he read it?? lol

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By Exoray
Quick question is the aluminum part even angled in a 'V' shape or is it a straight up single pass 90° milling job?

It's hard to tell from the pictures, sometimes the perspective give it a "V" shape sometimes it doesn't, in either case it's far from the highly defined "V" shape of the real deal...
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By Marsupial
I had the exact same question as Exoray but was too shy to ask, thinking it was just my interpretation of the perspective... it seems to be a stupid parallel block, as opposed to a V-shaped V-hook... at best, the V-shape is far from the correct angle.
By SolidGoldCaddy
Quick question is the aluminum part even angled in a 'V' shape or is it a straight up single pass 90° milling job?

It's hard to tell from the pictures, sometimes the perspective give it a "V" shape sometimes it doesn't, in either case it's far from the highly defined "V" shape of the real deal...
It is a slight v shape. Meaning wider at the top than the bottom. But yes. It is a single pass on each side, 90 degree milling job, 2 drilled holes. Like he said, "it takes forever to make these." :rollseyes:
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I would hate to pay 60 bucks and expect an accurate movie like v hook, and get in the mail THAT.

It´s not fare, and un professional.

So i guess all of his parts must bue the same.

By abaka
Purchased a shockmount from these guys. Pretty good item. It's pretty lightweight as well so shouldnt cause any stress to the bumper and great shipping time! Although he's gotten a bad rep from previous transactions I was very satisified with what I recieved
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By kind2311
Just got my custom GB1-angle aluminum v-hook from Franchesky G, owner of You also know him as momeraths24 here on gbfans, proptopia, and ebay. When I first emailed him about a GB1-angle v-hook, he replied quickly with his phone number and suggested I give him a call. After speaking with him several times and sending several screen caps from my Ghostbusters DVD, we were able to nail the angle. The first time we talked, he informed me that we was a little behind in orders and he would be working on my hook probably in the next week or so. About a week after that, I found out the angle was slightly different than we had originally decided on, and even with this last minute revision, he was still able to make the hook axactly as I needed and got it to my door in about 2.5 weeks from initial purchase. Franchesky has been a pleasure to deal with and I will definitely be buying more parts from him.

Here is a video link and some pics:

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By nick-a-tron
great V-hook and GREAT video! really nice to see items on video like this, kind of fills the gap between photo and seeing them in real life. Franchesky seems like a good guy which is nice to hear after the solidgoldcaddy inncident.
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By jimbo7
well i just got my v hook from Franchesky and it is amazing...he was a pleasure to deal with...great communication and was more than helpful through the entire process...he is a good man to do business with..
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