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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for midwestpropshop.

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By Raystantz Italy
How's this guy?
i've ordered a pack shell on 5th august...and i haven't received it yet and he's not answring to my messagges on email (i have asked him a tracking #)
i'm starting to feel anxious......
By Spooky
He already did...thats unfortunate

ALWAYS check the feed back section first.
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By Exoray
Sorry you are stuck in this situation, and they are not answering your emails, but how was it supposed to be shipped? Regular Parcel Post can take months to get delivered in Europe, 2, 3 or even 4 months isn't unheard of...
By Raystantz Italy
i've read just now the blacklist.... luckily he's the only guy i've ordered from (other parts were all from multimediamayhem). The service was USPS Priority Mail International. it says from 6 to 10 business days, maybe he ha send it few days ago? Between 5 august and today there were four week ends (8 days) so the waiting for me is 17 days...
By momeraths24
I used to deal with MWPS and host their items on my site until the PKE wings re-casting issue. I know that last time I talked with them the guy moved to a new place and was moving all his molds and materials + from what I they told me internet access was limited at that moment.
I would give him a bit longer and if you don't receive the item, I see if I'm able to get in contact with them and casually mention how their orders are going to see if I'm able to get some sort of info that might help you out.
By Raystantz Italy
thank you very much!
i have already send him (or them) some mails but i've never received an answer. But propbably is because they are moving, like you said. i hope to receive the item in september, i have to make the pack for october!
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By Exoray
Well if it was sent priority mail from my experience it is around 5-7 days to most European destinations... Also you can now use the customs slip number to track priority packages and it's pretty detailed...
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By Exoray
Raystantz Italy wrote:what is the custom slip number?
When you ship items out of the country you need to fill out a customs slip, it's declares what is inside the box and it's value... This slip has a number on it, and that number can be used to track the progress of the shipment online from the USPS website...
By Raystantz Italy
so, this guy has to give me this number.....but he's not answering my emails......AAARRGGHH!!!
By Raystantz Italy
i've send him a message. i'll wait until tuesday for an answer, after that day i'll start a dispute both on ebay and paypal.
By Raystantz Italy
claim started. i hope to receive my shell in time for halloween or i'll have to to made a quick junk pack.....
it is a shame.....a beautiful gune made of MMM's gun parts and a trashy pack...
By Raystantz Italy
ok guys, good news... MWPS answered me today and he said that the shell was send a week ago and he'll try to find the tracking number.

"The power of claim is a curios thing....."

thank you all for your support!
By sparky123180
Well I'm glad you've heard from them. I purchased a pack shell from them on eBay over 2 months ago (before the blacklist) and the first shell I received was severely cracked. I arranged with them to ship it back and have it replaced with a new shell. They acknowledged receiving the damaged shell at the end of July and said the new shell would be sent out soon. That was a month ago. And to date, no replacement shell. I tried repeatedly to email them, but never received a reply. I reluctantly reported them to eBay, which I don't like to do. I prefer to amicably work things out with a person, but when they don't respond it makes that difficult. So now I'm out about $300 and missing the only major piece I need to complete my proton pack! Just thinking about this again makes me want to bang my head against the wall.
By momeraths24
That's great news. Raystantz Italy.

Make sure you ask them for a tracking number. If they don't give you one, ask then what date and the shipping method they used to ship your item, that way you can some what estimate when you should be receiving the item. Also I would keep in mind that every country has a differrent way to do their postal service so I would also check with them as they will be able to help you out.
By Raystantz Italy
luckily i've heard of other members of my italian gb forum that has ordered shells from MWPS: the received the item in 10 days, so i guess it'll be here in few days...
By sparky123180
I'm happy they at least came through for somebody. The people at MWPS are crooks still, as far as I'm concerned.
By momeraths24
That's great news Raystantz Italy.

You look like a little kid opening X-mas presents, LOL. I was feeling the same way several weeks ago when I received my shell for my second pack as well.

That's is a nice looking shell and I'm sure you'll make a great GB proton pack.

Is there anything from my site that you can use for your Pack feel free to send me an email. I'm in the process of updagrating the site again including price reductions on some GB items and SW items as well as adding more GB items to the site.

Happy proton pack building.....
By Raystantz Italy
#65291 was a funny face (Jim Carrey's style) but it's true...... i was happy like a child on xmas morning
By Lionbush
Glad you got your pack, it looks good!
By momeraths24
Check out my site for other GB items that you may need for your pack.
There will be a price reduction on some of the GB items on the sire real soon but if you are interrested in any of the items on the site, feel free to send me an email.
Have a great day.
By Sksstudios
namebrand wrote:Why are you advertising in someone else's feedback thread? Not once, but twice.


if you are so separated from MWPS than why are you here, in this thread, plugging your stuff.

By Lionbush
Hey Raystantz Italy, just wondering how tough is the shell? Does it look easily breakable or pretty tough?
By Raystantz Italy
only the power cell bottom seems breakable.....but i'll adjust it. the rest seem very strong.....if you don't jump on it.

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