Was torn on whether to stick this here or in the Misc Props section. :whatever:

Also...apparently I posted it in the prop pictures section way back when under my old profile ("Dr K Peterson)" ....I honestly cant remember why I made a new one? :blush: I assume I had a good reason, maybe I forgot my password and couldn't recover it (my old GB "franchise" site was through a Yahoo account that got nuked, mebbe the password was tied to that email)?

Anyway, just throwing that out there so no one thinks I'm ripping off someone else's prop.

The base is from a small handheld fan I bought many years ago that features flashing LEDs in a globe on the front of it. It says O2 Cool on the front of it (which can still be seen in the right light even after I painted over it, d'oh). I did a quick Google search and can't come up with one like it, I fear they may have been discontinued.

Note that this:
ISN'T the kind that I used.

I just cut off the fan blades (just foam, a sharp pocketknife will do it) and trimmed and Gooped on a pair of pen lids for the antenna.

And lit up:

I just hit it with some paint tonight, I'll try to post pics later. I was hoping for a subdued metallic gray...but all the paint I could find locally was either primer or a very shiny metallic silver. So I went with the default black..

The cool thing about this is that the fan motor is run on 2 AA batteries, and the LEDs are powered by little button-cells. They went out on me a while back, I figured I had nothing to lose so I pulled the fan assembly off, used an eyeglass screwdriver to get into the back, found and replaced the batteries, and it was good as new!
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