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Universal Studios' "Halloween Horror Nights" event is getting a big makeover this year. For the very first time, this celebration will include the heroes and villains of Ghostbusters in the form of an interactive maze.

This new maze will be featured at both the Los Angeles and Orlando locations. Check out the teaser trailer below for an early glimpse at what this maze holds in store for fans.
From https://m.uk.ign.com/articles/2019/07/1 ... al-studios


More info and video in link , looks awesome
Anyone else notice he walks by what used to be the Ghostbusters firehouse back when they had the license?
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The trailer is better than GB16 :whatever:
Could we please not do this? It's been three years, let it go already.
Tell me what this please. What happens in these mazes? Jump scares, quests, etc.
I'd imagine it's much like traditional haunted house attractions across the country, jump scares, actors portraying some of the more notable ghosts... But with a bit more budget to pull things off and, and an official licence for the theming of the maze.
Kingpin is spot on, most of the mazes have some element of a jump scare in them. Some have a ton, and some are more gore or spooky. It just depends on what the maze is. If you’re easily startled just expect that someone is going to jump out at you all the time. I’ve never been in one with a quest or objective, you pretty much just walk (or run) through them with a bunch of other people.
Has anyone been to a previous one at universal though? For some reason I had the thought of a laser tag kinda thing.
We go to Universal in Hollywood every year and it’s as described above. All the mazes have a predetermined path that you follow, it’s like following a storyline essentially. As you go through the maze the “story line” progresses until you reach the end and come out the other side. I haven’t been through one that is interactive or like laser tag, you’re just along for the ride.

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