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By Ghostytheghost
Two refs spotted in an Epic Tales of Captain Underpants episode. I posted them on Instagram.
https://www.instagram.com/p/B0HJOUBA6UM ... af6df3vzsh
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By Alex Newborn
I'm watching through the second half of Unbreakable Kimmy schmidt's 4th season and this funny little exchange happens in episode 10:
I'm so glad I saw your post. I didn't realize they'd finally added the rest of Season Four!

Until I went back and read my older post about it only being six episodes, I couldn't figure why I had stopped partway through, chuckle.

Here's one more GB reference, from the tenth and final episode in Season Four.

And best of all, it comes from Carol Kane, who DID play a ghost in a scene with Bill Murray once upon a time. (In 1988's Scrooged, she was the Ghost of Christmas Present.)




The library line was so subtle it didn't register until she mentioned Siggy.

Again, thanks for letting me know there was a little more Kimmy to be seen. The final episode put a nice little bow on the entire series.

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By Wafflerobot

The library line was so subtle it didn't register until she mentioned Siggy.
ah that's brilliant, I missed that line when I watched through it.

Apparently they are currently filming a one off special episode for next year, its going to be interactive much like that 'choose your own path' episode of Black Mirror that Netflix made earlier this year.
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By Kalonthar
I was playing the new rpg Greedfall (by French developer Spider) and I got a chuckle out of a guard leader being named Egon, but I didn't think it was a reference to Ghostbusters, then I saw one of the later quest objectives - "Eliminate Egon's men in the old ghost camp." I think we can mark it down as a reference.
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By robbritton
Not a reference as such, but if you ever wanted to see the RGB toy Ex-Cop getting down with his bad self to some sweet early 90's dance music - well I guess Double Trouble featuring The Rebel MC have you covered! How did I never notice this at the time?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE0hwfCu-m4
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