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By Krenzy
AJ, if what's showing up is the Columbia Picture Gold Box, where it's 11 movies of theirs that have won best picture, then it states it's from 1934 to 1982, and "Ghostbusters" isn't mentioned or included. Or is that an incorrect link? ...or does the "Ghostbusters related" pertain to Columbia Pictures?
AJ Quick wrote:For $50 you bet I am!

This will be my 3rd Slimer Edition!

nice, i thought about doing it also. but money tight since im saving to throw a huge bachelor party on thursday.
s*it i cant believe i missed out on this one!

i herby put to vote for some person who knows alot about computers (not me) to put a txt system together for news updates being i work 72 hr shifts without a computer :(
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