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By Gareee
Seeing those paper diorama gave me an idea for showing off our minimates. We have a TON (3 storgae tubs worth) of megablks dragons parts, so I figured that even though the parst are film accurate, I could still come up with something cool with them.

So, without further ado, I present to you the Gozer Rooftop Temple Playset!


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Here are the guys just up on the rooftop.

Right to left, Peter (being the last up), Egon with PKE pulled, Ray with goggles, stunned looking over at Stay Puft still, and Winston, who's already pulled his thrower.Louis is also here now in gear, and slimer already has him pinned down.

Our custom Gareee and Teamhair are charginbg up the stairs to assist... thye jogging ghost is sneaking up on me, and the cab ghost just appeared in front of Teamhair, so she has her thrower pulled.


The top view



Best first reply back evar!
Well, the new stay puft isn't out for a few weeks still. Once he is, I'lll pick him up, and ebay the old neca one.
All told probably much longer then I originally planned on.. probably 5-6 hours.

I built the top temple portion first, and then built the base.

I mis calculated the base width, so I had to tear half of it apart, and make it narrower.

I separated the top section into major parts, and transferred them over chunk by chunk, attaching them.

I had to build the back base up with more larger part to make it sturdier, and then once assembled, I really wanted the back portion to go up at a higher angle, so I added different parts under the back top sides, and then added parts uner the stairs to make then raise higher in the back.

I had to add the right side base for stay puft, and was looking at all the parts I had left, and got the idea for the steps leading up to the rooftop. That section probably took anothr half hour to build up properly.

And I have the model of the ecto coming that is in scale with these guys, so now I'm wishing I made the base another layer taller, so I could put the ecto around the base somehow.. I know I still have plenty of parts to add another major layer to the base height, but then I need to build up the internal supports higher, and also increase the staircase height to match it again.

Every now and then you see HUGE lots of megablok parts on ebay.. I might need to snag more if I persue raising up the base.

But halloween is coming, and I have other things I want to do for it as well. We will see how things shape up...
Oh, I'd never take anything down from here.. content is what people come here for, and its the best contribution I can make for the website!
Garee.... could i.... humm.... put you in my "OH My god this guy is my hero" list?

Seriously... i freaking love it.... I just couldn't resist coming from work, looking at that diorama, and just sit and play like an 8 year old.

Simply amazing!

Thanks for the praise! I'm not worthy! LOL!

Since these pics, I've repainted Gozer properly, and added a mini mate scaled Kubrick creature of the black lagoon, and This island Earth Metaluna mutant as well.

And I want more ghosts! And Sam Hain!
I'll tke some additional ones with the additionas and add them. I'd hoped to have the ecto model done by now, but working on our traps is taking longer then anticipated.
Check local goodwill stores, especially this time of year, because they put more toys out. I need to snag more to do a courtroom scene for the newer GB2 guys.

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