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By Krenzy
Hey! I tried a search but couldn't find the info, but i'm looking for the height, width, and depth of the Hook& Ladder 8 building. Can someone please help? Thanks!
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By ProtonCharger
its big. i would venture a guess and say 2' tall, 1' wide square. it also has 3 interior floors, a bottom, middle "L" shaped, and a top full floor, which has holes in it for slime to pour from the roof through the top floor and onto subsequent floors. the ceilings are around 6" on the second and third floor, with 10" at the bottom floor. it has red doors.
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By Josh Foote
ProtonCharger wrote:it has black doors.

By alternate1
Don't know if this helps, but... traditionally, NYC lots are 25'x100' which matches up with LA23 for the most part... I'll see if I can get a more accurate measurement....

Being a NYC tour guide pays off!
By Cyland Props
Hook and ladder #8 is shaped a little different and has no back doors. I remember pacing off the ground level of #23 and it was something like 160' long.
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By Kingpin
Hairy Biker wrote: April 7th, 2021, 5:37 pm Wouldnt the info be a matter of public record?

I do remember some blue prints doing the rounds.
That info's not as easily-accessible as you might think.

As for plans, only one plan drawing of Hook & Ladder 8 has ever been officially released, which was the front elevation of the station after it was cut in half. Now, one could use this to extract a rough height estimate... Assuming the measurements on Propertyshark are correct.

Some unofficial plans did surface during the Hook & Ladder 8 restoration, and from the Secrets of New York episode about Tribeca, though in both instances they aren't ideally clear to read due to how they were displayed.
By Alex Newborn
I didn't take the full measurements when I was there in 2014, but I did have a wild idea of possibly making a life-sized facade for Hallowe'en, so I measured the width of this one stone with the arrow painted on it, figuring I could extrapolate from there.




It was approx. 50 and 1/8" wide.

Surely someone's got the software to 'measure' a photo of the entire building from the known width of one brick?


Also, on Google maps, you can take a measurement of the footprint of a building. Right-click on a point and in the dropdown menu, go down to Measure Distance.

I've used it for scale model purposes. It's not 100% precise, but it can give you a ballpark.

I came up with 26.60 feet wide across the front of the building, and 75.56 feet along the street side.


Your footage may vary. ;)

By Wshelton
I would guess that the dimensions of the facade are 20' x 55'. That's assuming 20' overhead for the ground floor and 15' overhead for each additional floor.
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