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By Alex Newborn

Doreen Mulman, webmistress of the now-archived GBFF (Ghostbusters Fan Forum) site, has passed away. Beware the Ides of March, indeed.

http://www.gbfans.com/fans/websites/gho ... fan-forum/


I never met Doreen in person but we were snail-mail penpals back in the 80's, under her married name. I had a lot of penpals in those days because my home address was published in several different comic book lettercols, and since we usually discussed Ghostbusters, she probably found me through an issue of the NOW RGB comic.

I didn't do a lot of hand-written correspondence after email came along, so I drifted away from a lot of those folks, but Doreen and I reconnected through here, where she was BusterBabe, and through Facebook. It was funny, she asked did I remember her, and I thought, "Oh yeah, that does sound familiar!" and we chatted for a while. Then she remembered that her name was different back then (both first and last) and when she said, "Oh wait, I think you knew me as..." I had the odd pleasure of remembering her all over again.

Doreen faced a lot of hardships in her life, but never seemed to lose her upbeat spirit and enthusiasm for the things she loved. One of her other fan sites was devoted to the otherwise-unsung voice actors responsible for the cartoons we all grew up on.

She would love the fact that I learned of her passing this morning from Maurice LaMarche.

I'm glad her pain is over, but we've lost a real node of connection in the fan community.


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By Kingpin
I never got to know Doreen personally, but in the early days of the community she was one of familiar names that came with it (per the fan forum).

It's saddening to learn of her passing, but I'm glad what suffering she endured is now over.

Rest in peace, Doreen. :(
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By Hoot
Thanks indeed. While I don't remember her directly or her site, I probably was on her site at some point or another.

A true fan and representative of Ghostbusters fans everywhere.
Thanks for everything :)
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By AJ Quick
That's sad to hear. She shaped the image of Ghostbusters online in many ways.

Back when I was starting out, in about 1996 / 1997 I remember communicating with Doreen regularly via email. I made my first Ghostbusters site in 1997, and when it came time to choose an official date when it was live... I went with Dec 4, 1997. Partly because it was my birthday, and partly because it was the date GBFF started too. I would often write to Doreen around Dec 4 wishing her site a happy birthday, and she would return the same to me.

We started GBFans in 2002 or 2003, and when GBFans ended up closing in 2003 / 2004.. we directed the domain name back to the Ghostbusters Fan Forum. It only made sense to do that, and her site could use the domain more than we could have back then.

That's a little bit of how I remember Doreen. I'm sure I have tons of emails saved from her back when I was just starting out.

RIP Doreen. You were taken far too soon.
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By gbmatt
I vaguely remember her. Not a whole lot honestly. I don't remember much from those days anymore.As Ben said, she was a familiar face from the early days. Sad to hear of her passing though. May she rest in peace.
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By YHSCraig
Very well written piece Alex. I was sad to hear about her passing. Though I was only vaguely familiar with her work with The Ghostbusters Fans Forums it seems that Doreen played an integral part in jumpstarting the GB internet fan-community.

    Kingpin, you are legendary.

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