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By bromie
On a slightly different note - screen accurate mood slime!

Apparently a food additive called methocel. A google search turned up these images:



Seems pretty close to what was seen on screen...

...Well, some of it - I'm sure they used different stuff (like shampoo) for different scenes, which i'm guessing is why it varies from thick and opaque to runny and translucent.
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By Spengler02
I've always guessed that he was from the north-western side of either germany, or russia.
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By Smeghead
I always assumed somewhere in the ex-Yugoslavia area (or was it still called that back then?) Probably one of those countries no one has ever heard of, at any rate.

Either that, or wherever Borat is from. ;)
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By Spengler02
It was still Yugoslavia back then. My dad lived in Slovenia which was in Yugoslavia.
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By Spengler02
JANOSZ is a German name for boy.

POHA is Hindi for rice.

Boy Rice!
I take back what I said about him possibly being german because no self-respecting parent names their kid "Boy" in the language of their country. :p
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By Ivo Shandor
I think Janosz is a mish-mash of Polish, Hungarian, and possibly some other Eastern European nationalities. The Carpathian mountains are in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. Vigo may have been initially drawn to use Janosz as a pawn because of some shared ancestry betwen the two...?
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By Alex Newborn
Random thoughts...

In earlier drafts, the Janosz character was called Jason, so the 'foreign' sounding name was likely created just by reversing some of the sounds and giving it a more ethnic spelling.

And since Ivan Reitman already had a son named Jason long before they were writing that script, it's entirely possible that the character who became Janosz was initially named after the director of the movie that comes out next year.

(There is arguably precedent. The character Dana is just Dan Aykroyd's first name and last initial smooshed together.)

As Zack pointed out some five years ago in the first reply above, Peter MacNicol gives Janosz' nationality as Carpathian in a Tonight Show interview from 1989. He reiterated some of the same points and expanded on them slightly in a Starlog interview from the same timeframe.

https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral ... log148.pdf


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