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By deadderek
How do you watch this?
Serious question, I know there's 12 years+ of history w/ this thing, but it appears at least half of it is done and released, right?
I'm lost, out of touch, and confused.

- Ghostbusters Fan in North America
From Canada. Atm there's no U.S. release.
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By slaysghosts
well okay, seems like now is the golden window of opportunity for exposure..........in a unique time when everyone is watching TV, Disney/Pixar movies are skipping theaters, HBO is free, but this damn ghosthead can't get his fix. The channels you must go thru as an independent documentary maker must suck! Can only imagine the frustration. Thanks for the update! Really thought/hoped there was something I was missing in regards to release.
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By deadderek
Holy smokes the U.S. is finally getting it!

I managed to snag a digital copy while in 🇨🇦.

Absolutely loved it. Can't wait for Part 2!
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By deadderek
Ah crap:

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By mrmichaelt
Blu-ray distribution to backers have begun. Those in Region B (UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand) will be the first to receive them. The plan was to send them to all regions at the same time but... covid. But the hope is to send it ahead of June 22.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/13 ... ts/2864705
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By deadderek
I wonder if anything was altered for the U.S. release....
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By mrmichaelt
New interview with the Buenos.
http://www.ghostbustershq.net/the-ghost ... ne-17-2020

They clarified the 90 minute version for Part 1 is for broadcast and theatrical screenings (only 1 screening that took place in UK was the 2 hour version). The 2 hour version is everything else.

They've done a first pass on Part 2 currently.
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By robbritton
My copy of the Blu-Ray arrived in the post just now, so it's definitely going out in the UK! Excited to see my slightly shonky artwork in the 'Fan Art' special feature!

But yeah, full colour booklet and super professionally put together. It looks brilliant!
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By One time
I just saw it. It is so well done it's incredible. It was more than worth the wait all this time. Such high production value, fan service and thought out story. Really, words fail me to describe how well made it is.
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By Alphagaia

Making of the making of!
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