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By Sp9543
I'm confident the GB fans taking charge on this the project are doing their best. Hopefully, we get to see what an actual pack kit is going to look like put together soon. I want me a proton pack.
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By AmazonChitlin
I pre-ordered.

I pre-ordered their ANH stormtrooper armor and was very pleased with it. There are minor things to change, but for $350 (first tier preorder), I couldn't be happier.

Since they didn't let me down with that, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt with this. Even if I decide to upgrade some parts on it later, I think I'll still be doing pretty good cost-wise. That's me saying that without pricing anything else out except for a cursory glance at gbfans, haha
By Skyknight
Their shipping prices for people in Europe are riddiculous. Even the cheapest shipping option costs more than the complete pack!
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By tilallr1
I am going to wait for a completed one and see how much those go for. Especially one with a light and sound kit installed.

I am planning to build my own Ghostbusters 1 pack, so this being a Ghostbusters 2 pack works out well for me!
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By Doctor Disney
I hope they come up with a price list for the whole shebang including lights and sound, although like others have said, I've already scowered the Internet and found bits for my own pack project.
By Skyknight
Oh, I see they added another shipping option that costs only half as much as the complete Proton Pack Kit!

Pack Kit is $600. Shipping to Germany:

DHL Express at $ 279.91 USD
UPS Worldwide Expedited at $ 647.50 USD
UPS Saver at $ 966.34 USD
UPS Express at $ 987.80 USD
(and all those are before taxes are added)

Really? A grand for UPS Express? For a shipping rate like that I expect Dan Aykroyd to deliver it personally driving the Ecto-1!
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By damster117
Skyknight wrote:Oh, I see they added another shipping option that costs only half as much as the complete Proton Pack Kit!

Pack Kit is $600. Shipping to Germany:

DHL Express at $ 279.91 USD
UPS Worldwide Expedited at $ 647.50 USD
UPS Saver at $ 966.34 USD
UPS Express at $ 987.80 USD
(and all those are before taxes are added)

Really? A grand for UPS Express? For a shipping rate like that I expect Dan Aykroyd to deliver it personally driving the Ecto-1!
I agree the shipping costs are insane. I know a pack shell is bulky, but surely it doesn't cost that much to dispatch, especially for a high volume shipper like Anovos? If it cost that much to send packs internationally, fan made ones wouldn't be sent back and forth across the pond!
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By TheDreamMaster
I'm really keeping my eye on this. Does Anvos do pretty decent runs, like will these be available for a while after pre-order, or is this one of those companies that if I don't jump on it now, they'll run out and never make more?

I ask because I don't have too much extra money, but I'd like to save up toward it. I'm not the most handy person, so getting a kit like this if it's well made would be a great way to start my first proton pack, and hopefully when I get done with school and into a new job, I can put the money into building a better one from scratch in the future.
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By Lowberg
It's been a very long time since we've heard anything.

Bumping this thread with some new Official Info that Got Maul (Anovos) posted over at the RPF...

TLDR Version:

The prototype on their site is just a prototype built by Venkman71 (Sean Bishop) and V330 Props (Vincenzo330 / V330 Props) was an engineering model and "IS NOT the base that the pack kits will be made from"

Anovos had access to the Sony Archives and was able to 3D Scan the Venkman Hero Pack (The one from Planet Hollywood Minnesota / Indianapolis Children Museum Exhibit).

They are debating on using 3d printing technology for the pack kits, either entirely from the Hero Pack Scans, or with some "extremely accurate parts" (ie fanmade)

Quotes from Got Maul:
We are going to do a big huzzah about it soon, but thought to let you know here - the builders of the pack were Venkman71 and Vinny Nordone. Those guys are awesome and so very well regarded in the community. It was a real treat to work with them and get to work with them one more time. Sean's been in the community far longer than I have and Vinny has been as ever the bulldog on research and accuracy as I ever could be. Their prototype pack was the bee's knees and we were lucky to have them.

As for the base pack, we are still going back and forth on what is 3D printed (from the scans we took) and what will be a mix from the extremely accurate pack pieces that have come about in the last decade. They make my old packs look like dog meat compared to the things I've seen (e.g. Vinny's smoking exhaust pack...dayum !!)

I am personally art directing this prop for the company and using a handful of resources to help me along the way...looking at you Westies. I am actually getting the first strike off from China this week so I will keep you all posted on my findings.
As many of you might remember, I was the board moderator and creator of some pretty epic GB boards back in the day...back when AJ was a kid (and was a whiz back then too). But everyone will also recall my vision was to preach and grow the community so that someday everyone would have access to the GB pack.

Yah, we took it in the chin at $600...but that was my way of making good on that promise over a decade ago. I can't promise it will stay at that price forever, but as long as we are staying just a little bit green (barely) on it, we'll hold the price.
So, when we got access to the archives (which was my dream come true) we got access to a number of their packs and scanned (what was believed strongly to be Venkman's GB1 and 2 pack). We actually scanned 2 very good packs and from my knowledge and research stemming as far back as 1997, was able to identify the GB1 base back "tells" . We then brought this into the digital world and cleaned up a lot of it to make it print worthy and water tight. When we did the prototype you see on the site now, we actually compared the casting we received to the digital model and found it to be extremely close with slight differences in the negative spacing. There was some differences in surface in texturing but that was about it. To be clear, the prototype pack you see on the site, IS NOT the base that the pack kits will be made from. It was made as an engineering model to get some base pricing from china, which, in turn, determined your pre-sale price.

I am still evaluating what will be the base pack. Right now we are exploring the possibility of simply printing the scanned piece and so far that this seeming the best path. You all will the first to know what decision I take but be rest assured, it will be a very very accurate pack, whether we alter the prototype we have now or go to print. It is just a matter of how much time each option takes to get to the final base.
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By ccv66
I wonder how likely receiving a kit in Q4 2016 is? Haven't heard much, i assumed at this point to see a mock up kit at one of the comic cons and other pre orders like uniforms, electronics
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By Lowberg
I would say probably unlikely, as it seems they are still deciding on how the kit will be produced.
I am just happy that GotMaul gave fans an update, as it seems that they are trying to figure out the best way to produce the kits.
I'm particularly excited to officially hear that they got to 3D Scan a Hero Pack.

As far as the 3D printing option goes...I really need to see the product before deciding if I want to put money down.
Advanced industrial 3D printing CAN look really good (For example many of the Force Awakes props such as Kylo Ren's lightsaber and the melted Vader Mask were done with advanced 3d printing technologies that have really fine resolution and don't "look" 3d printed). We will just have to see.
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By deadderek
Glad to hear of an update. :D
By ccv66
I don't have Insider knowledge. Just a gut feeling I wouldn't be surprised if it went into spring. The nickatron stuff looks really impressive . i'm not expecting anovos to be as good as some fan-made props. Just a good value I don't think you'll be able to buy better for cheaper . officially licensed usually helps resale too
By Aaron R.Meza
Yea i feel it too..hopefully Anovos comes thru..I believe they might..the seem more of a company/organization rather than a private individual seller..The fact that they got the GB license drew me in.
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By Ecto-3A
Anovos can provide a quality product, I own their Star Trek II command division uniform and it is certainly top notch, but they seem to struggle with customer service and logistics. It seems like they're still a very small team, a lot of which travels all over the country, so their resources are stretched thin. Considering that when they did finally get back to me I was well taken care of and the product I received was up to standard, I'd say you can expect a solid product and there will be a few bad apples, thanks to mass production, but they're generally tight on the follow up.
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By deadderek
ccv66 wrote:Im excited about them getting scans of an actual pack, but from the sound of it id guess it will be closer to February than November
I've heard HORRIBLE things about how there's delays upon delay with their Star Wars products.
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By deadderek
Aaron R.Meza wrote:dont get me Down!!!!:(
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By deadderek
I can understand people being apprehensive about this, but with Got Maul and other heavily involved fans involved, I can't help but feel a bit excited.
By idfraser
I just purchased my Anovos Proton Pack Kit and it says the release date in Q1 2017, so the first quarter of 2017 Jan, Feb, Mar or Apr. But having built a pack before from various online sources I must say that buying all the parts in one purchase is convenient. And if you think about it, the amount of time it took me to save money to continue to buy parts, the "partial.ly" payment plan made it possbile to make the purchase now, so in the long run I'll get the kit in roughly the same amount of time it would have taken me to source all the parts. Excited about this pack build, but yet again, I jumped into this purchase without doing the research and see that Anovos is delaying this release, but from my past experience with Ghostbusters related parts and items, I've learned to be patient. Any recommendations on a good soundboard for this pack?

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