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By RichRyan1507
I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this. I watched both movies again this weekend, and it made me conjure up an old thought that I've never really brought up to anyone.

I think the main reason that Ghostbusters 2 isn't as good, to me, is that Randy Edelman's score is severely lacking when put up next to Elmer Bernstein's work. To me, Elmer's music was like another character in GB1. It's that important. Randy's score was his typical unison monotone score. I'm just not a fan of his, generally speaking.

Not to say that Randy's score is all bad. It has its moments. But, generally, I find it to be boring and not striking the proper tone, whereas Elmer's score is so dynamic and perfectly tailored to each scene and the overall feel of the movie.

That being said, I hope that they use Elmer's original score for the new film, and have another composer who is at his level fill in the holes with music inspired by the GB1 score.

What say you?
By Coover5
I'm the opposite. I won't give all the reasons I prefer Edelman over Bernstein but there is a big one. Bernstein's score was a guiding hand to let the audience know what's weird, what's scary, what's fun etc. I never liked those scores. I enjoy Bernstein's music but not its place in the film.
By BatDan
I enjoy both, but prefer Elmer's to Randy's. both did things that the other didn't.

Bernstein's piano riff to the "ghostbusters main theme" is iconic and wonderful, perfectly paints the comedic aspects of the film. He was able to balance the comedy with the scares pretty well, but i feel his brassy 'scary' portions was a bit 'much' at times, overall it's a pretty solid and iconic score.

Edelman's themes for the spooky/scary stuff was more subtle and creepy: those deep drums for the slime scenes, the theme for Vigo is awesome. the horn-centered fanfare for when the Busters are doing something heroic is some great stuff. the one thing Edelman wasnt able to do was the more comedic moments, it sounded too fluffy and cutesy.

Of the two though, if we were to choose one to be cued in the new movie, Bernstein wins my vote. But since Bernstein's no longer with us, i'd welcome Edleman to return and but take cues from Berstein's work, i think that would be a good balance.
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By Kingpin
I've heard some of Edelman's scores, and I'm left wondering what happened when it came to his effort with Ghostbusters II, The Mask, Daylight, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor had some really notable themes and cues, and felt like a decent effort was made with them. A selection of tracks and cues aside, his effort on GBII just feels weak... In fact, I think it almost focuses too much on being a comedy film score, and doesn't feature enough of the 'supernatural' that made Elmer Bernstein's score.

And, at the end of the day, I think the most important statement that can be said about Bernstein's score, is how it instantly drew us into the setting of Ghostbusters by the use of the opening riff in the teaser for 2020.

-Which is why I want whoever ends up scoring 2020 to use it to make the genetics of the new movie's score. I'm not asking for a literal recreation, but something that sounds like a brother of Bernstein's original, something that evokes Ghostbusters.
By dr.paul
Bernstein for me. It’s not often incidental music from a movie can be identified by a non fan, look at the reaction videos to the teaser trailer. They all, fan or not, pick up on the music it’s so unique in its feel. It also contains my favourite piece of music in any film, the scene with Ray and Winston in Ecto-1, it’s where the movie turns to the serious business ahead. Perfection. Bernstein really seemed to take the material seriously, gave it his all. For me, Edelman’s is just a little too ‘generic’, I feel only a fan would be able to name it blind, it could be from any number of movies, it is a huge part of why GB2 doesn’t work for me.

The way Bernstein’s score was used in the Game was also fantastic, it really added to the feeling of dread on some levels.

Anyway, it’s all opinion and subjective of course. I appreciate many feel the other way with these things. Perhaps it’s all about where you first arrived in the franchise?
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By SpaceBallz
I read an interview somewhere with Edelman that he purposely made it fantastical because he wanted to give the Ghostbusters a "superhero theme" like Superman. Whereas Bernstein experimented with different methods for a more eerie and supernatural feel.

I hope for GB3 they go back to the supernatural sounds of the first film.
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By Kingpin
I read an interview somewhere with Edelman that he purposely made it fantastical because he wanted to give the Ghostbusters a "superhero theme" like Superman.
That being the case then, Edelman got two big things wrong:
1) The Ghostbusters already had their "superhero theme", it was sung by Ray Parker Junior.
2) The Ghostbusters aren't superheroes, they're guys hurled into the unknown, taking risks that what they're doing will pay off and avert a supernatural disaster.
By RichRyan1507
I'm with you, Kingpin.

It's also important to point out that they wanted Elmer to do the score for GB2, but he turned it down, so they, unfortunately, had to turn to Edelman. I often wonder what that film would have been like if they had been able to convince him to return.
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By Sav C
I like both. I love humming the score from the Scoleri Brothers scene. Ultimately, I think Bernstein's score takes cue from a different era. It plays more like the score to a silent movie than Edelman's does. Bernstein's score also has a jazzy side to it, which is reminiscent to an earlier era--an era of Art Deco skyscrapers and innovation. For me, it captures the unbridled optimism of the roaring twenties. An optimism that fits really well into a movie about engineering marvels and business startup. It's a very New York type score.
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By Glenn Frederick
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I think Randy Edelman was referring to the score used during the Scolieri Brothers scene as their Heroic Superman type Theme Score.

Because it only plays during Heroic events like busting the Scolieri Brothers, approaching the museum covered in slime, Lady Liberty smashing through with her torch and busting Vigo.

Now I do think of Elmer Bernstein as having a Heroic theme .
The parts of the score that are used on the beginning of the old featurette was never really used in the film much but it had a lot of variations on the Original Motion picture score album.

If you replace the Bus Boys cleaning up the town with that part Elmer Bernstein's score it makes it feel more heroic when they pull up to the Sedgwick Hotel.
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By NSGhostbusters
My favorite part of Randy Edelman's Score was during the scene where the boys repel their way down from the Statue of Liberty, and into the Manhattan Museum of Art, to save Dana, and Oscar from Vigo, and Janosz. "Oscar, look!" "DON'T KNOW WHO THAT IS?!" "Happy New Year!" "HE IS VIGO, YOU ARE LIKE THE BUZZING OF FLIES TO HIM!!!"
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"Oh, Johnny did you ever back the wrong horse. Would you hose him please?" "Hose him." (Venkman sarcastically waves "Bye Bye.") (lol) "One down." "On the ground."
By RichRyan1507
I'm just not a Randy Edelman fan. That's what it comes down to for me. That, and for continuity, it's also nice to have the same musical themes throughout a franchise. That's one of the reasons that Star Wars is such a recognizable/famous series, IMO. Granted RPJr's tune is always going to be what people recognize, but having Bernstein's cues in GBII would have gone a long way for me.

I'm hopeful that Elmer's son, Peter gets to take the help on GB20. He's a good composer and he frequently collaborated with his Dad. That would bring the 1st films themes and flavor back to the franchise, which I think is super important.
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I love both scores, just like I love both films, but honestly, the score that gets stuck in my head the most is the score from GB2, particularly the "love theme." There's just something so sweet and nostalgic about it, I always get so warm and fuzzy...
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The theme that plays when Peter visits Dana at The Manhattan Museum of Art? If so, then yeah I really love that tune too. :)
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I have made a Bootleg copy of the score using various sources on the internet. lol (I did this a couple of years ago.)ImageImageImageImageImageImage
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The album art came from some website, and the score came from a download on the internet, and I just burned them to 2 cds. (The score has a lot of noticeable sound removal, and some sound effects are still present, it's not perfect but it's better than nothing. Also it has the Jackie Wilson version of Higher and Higher, The Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters theme, as well as the rest of the GB II Soundtrack on the bootleg album.)
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