Discuss all things Ghostbusters here, unless they would be better suited in one of the few forums below.
Just making a general thread to discuss new info that gets released and hopefully discussion on the days of June 8 and 9.

Guests: Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Jason Reitman, William Atherton, Ray Parker Jr., Dave Coulier, Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker, Joe Medjuck, Sheldon Kahn.

12 more guests added today: Jennifer Runyon, Steven Tash, Robin Shelby, Violet Ramis Stiel, Timothy Carhart, Mark Bryan Wilson, Billy Bryan, Tim Lawrence, Tom Morga, Steven Johnson, Tony Cecere, and Richard Edlund.
https://ghostbustersnews.com/2019/04/19 ... -fan-fest/

Paul Feig
https://www.slashfilm.com/ghostbsuters- ... ors-panel/

Slavitza Jovan

Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening
https://twitter.com/erikburnham/status/ ... 1832312834
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Thats a pretty damn Epic lineup for Scheduled Guests! If I were attending Id be throwing a New pack together just for the Autographs. Regardless, I am curious if any more names/events will be added to the FanFest. :D
Who is actually going? (and if so, are you rich? and if you are, can you loan me 20 bucks? LOL)
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While the chances probably aren't the best, I'm fingers crossed Ghost Corps. works all the kinks out from what went wrong with this years Fan Fest, and decides to hold another next year.
This is really shaping up to be worth the money. With so little known about it before I couldn't see it being worth it but it seems like it just might be. I also have a feeling this line up would be exclusive to 2019. Rarely do you get to go to a con with 22 recognizable names let alone 22 recognizable names all linked to your favorite franchise.
That particular lineup sure but like I said fingers crossed to help celebrate the release of GB2020 next year we'll see another one.
deadderek wrote: April 19th, 2019, 6:37 pm That particular lineup sure but like I said fingers crossed to help celebrate the release of GB2020 next year we'll see another one.
Given the issues, I could certainly see that there's a way of viewing it as "learn from your mistakes and improve" but I honestly don't think this is something we'll see again. I think they'll concentrate on getting fans to come out for the premiere, but having another Fan Fest seems like almost like a guaranteed "nope" when I look at things.
Well they must be desperate because they're emailing groups from the east coast, like my group (in rural southeast Ohio) and Virginia and stuff asking about promoting the event and even trying offer "help" with accommodations and stuff. I highly doubt that Wizard world is going to drop 6 grand on my team to fly out from Ohio plus gear. Besides folks in my area won't have any interest in flying to the west coast for something like that so our "promotion" of the event on our Facebook page would ring hollow on deaf ears.
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Isn't he shooting Coming to America 2 in that period?

Also, Wizard World announced another separate Fest on June 7th on the Sony lot. GB fans can use their tickets to visit both Fests but WW attendees can't visit the GB one.

I think that's a Bill Murray Fan Fest.
Davideverona wrote: April 22nd, 2019, 10:29 pm Isn't he shooting Coming to America 2 in that period?

Also, Wizard World announced another separate Fest on June 7th on the Sony lot. GB fans can use their tickets to visit both Fests but WW attendees can't visit the GB one.

I think that's a Bill Murray Fan Fest.
Based on eveything I'm hearing it REALLY sounds like WW didn't sell nowhere near as many tickets as they were hoping.
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I have to think alot of the price came from Sony. Using their lot seems like a double edged sword. Yeah it gives people who don't spend time around studios a feeling of being on "the inside" but it's still a working studio and I'd imagine Sony employees aren't too pleased with the idea of a bunch of Ghostheads wandering around the lot one weekend.
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I think it is more about supply & demand. If you’ve been to the Sony lot, it’s not a place that can host 10,000 rabid Ghostbuster fans. They can’t just sell to whatever demand exists. Instead they must set the price just high enough to sell the space that is available. But when things are this exclusive, it becomes an option only for those with lots of disposable income or those willing to splurge excessively on a unique experience. It is a shame because part of what made Ghostbusters endure is the love and support from the “everyman” and that’s definitely not who can afford this event.
YHS interviewed Lanie Sarem last night, who is the lead planner and producer for Fan Fest. I think it would be worth everyone's time to check it out!

http://traffic.libsyn.com/yeshavesomeca ... Ep_147.mp3
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It's an hour and a half podcast, with the interview at the beginning (over 40 min).

My "Bullet Point" summary:

Intentionally small - 1000-2000?
Want it to be "intimate", not "30,000 people" like other events on the other side of town.
Also constrained by the available space on the Sony lot.
Annie Potts - Scheduling conflict Toy Story 4
Still possible for one more big name (Murray, Weaver, Morains)?
Someone from GB2 (just signed, can't announce yet)
Dan Aykroyd - Will be hosting a Paranormal Panel
Other Wizard World even on another part of the lot - "Intented to be a GB Tribute" but not 100% GB - Fan Fest pass is good for admission, but not the other way. Other event passes may be able to "upgrade" if any tickets left.
Fan Fest 100% GB.
RGB Live Reading
SFX Panel
General GB panel w/ cast Ivan Good Guess
GB 2020 - Something happening w Jason see Press Release
Merch - Exclusives Pins? Patches?
Licencees - premiering stuff.
New Blu-Ray Special cover for Class 10 passes
Talley Park? on the Sony Lot
Friday - ??
Saturdqy - 11am 10pm Ray Parker Jr., last event 1 hour (8 pc band) Documentary premier
Maybe other documentaries/films premiering or shown.
Still keeping a lot of things under wraps.
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If tickets and packages were half the cost I'd be there in a heart beat. Just to be able to possibly ask Dan some questions about ghost hunting, and listen to his experiences almost justifies the high priced tickets. And I stress the word almost. Maybe next year they'll be kinder with the costs. Saturday tickets $150.00. :whatever:
With limited supply, I don’t think you’d get much for $150 per ticket. Assuming 2,000 tickets, that’s a paltry $300k from which to pay salaries and appearance fees and lot rental and goodie bags and whatever.

I expected the tickets to be expensive because I figured the slots would be very limited. And that’s fair. Limited supply means high price. So I booked reservation deposits hoping it would be more about the fans and generating publicity for the franchise. But I should have known better with WW involved. I assumed the reservation would get me first access to a limited supply of tickets around $500. But $1,500? No way. Oh sure, I could have settled for the cheap “hey everyone look, I was there” tickets but with something exclusive like this it’s go big or go home. Wasn’t interested in anything but the premium package so I got my refund.

The fandom is so large, I don’t think they will have a problem hitting their revenue goal. I accept that in a capitalist market the license holder is free to charge whatever they like. But it doesn’t feel like a celebration if I have to pay an exorbitant fee to participate. Just feels like my unconditional love is being monetized by a big corporation, and candidly, I’ve had enough of that for one lifetime.

I remain a huge fan and I hope the event succeeds. But I will admit that I am saddened I can’t participate. Just too much for this old man’s budget.
It wouldn't have been too long of a commute for me so not worrying about plane tickets wouldn't have been piled on the ticket prices. Food and lodging would have equaled out I'm sure. I'm willing to bet a twinkie hotels around the area are already booked solid.
Next year i'll plan on attending if scheduling allows the entire cast to make the event. If they lowered ticket prices to lets say 125 more people would turn around use that extra cash on photo ops and merch. I love cons but I can't justify buying early bird specials unless they have a list of events, and celebrity guests mostly announced. We'll just have to put in the extra hours or sell an organ or two, or three, etc. ..
Peter Venkman Jr. wrote: May 2nd, 2019, 3:14 pm Got my tickets last night, I am very excited that I will be able to attend. Looking forward to the panels and getting to met the cast and crew in person. I am especially curious about the live reading of The Real Ghostbusters episode that was never made.
That's excellent! I can't wait for that live reading either.

If you're not with a franchise, or didn't use a coupon code, let me know... because we have a 20% off code you can use. (I know lots of other franchises did too... just offering just in case.)
Did anybody else (with a ghost corps registered franchise) get an email the other day about this event? They're looking for franchise groups to participate in the event and something about "comp tickets." Like, they REALLY want as many franchises there as possible. GB3 related possibly?
Davideverona wrote: May 5th, 2019, 9:05 am I think that, if legally permitted, someone should do a photo/video coverage of the GB20 panel.
I think I can say with near certainty, no... No cameras allowed. Last thing the hosts want is Every ghosthead Seeing & Hearing what the attendees experience there. :sigh:
BTW, you guys watch all those Defcon & SDCC panels up on Youtube? :eyeroll:
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