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By Sav C
Has anyone tried the 7/11 Ghostbusters Slurpees yet? I just had one tonight, and it was really good! Looks like they offer a few different cups--I got one with the 35th anniversary logo on it. Cheers!

PS, I'm in Canada, and am not sure if this promotion is elsewhere or not.
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By deadderek
Sadly they're a Canadian only promotion.
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By NotSabbat
Well, Im heading to Canade here in a few months. Maybe I will get to stop by a 7-11.
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By bejdann
Image They also have a giant insulated mug! Also I have to agree that the Slurpee flavour is great! Definitely worth the trip if you can get to a 7-11.
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By deadderek
Better get them while you can, 7-11 isn't restocking them from what I heard. Limited supplies. :(
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