Discuss all things Ghostbusters here, unless they would be better suited in one of the few forums below.
We all deal with our own demons. Sometimes they manifest into a Terror Dog, class 5 free roaming vaper(real nasty one too) and some times it's inside us. I delt with it most of my life but in 2020 it exploded and I sought help. Long story short I am better now but use Ghostbusters to bring me back to center. I have been a fan since I was 4 and love the movies, toys, both cartoons and even now doing a modification toa spirit pack.

This is what I do. When I feel anxiety or depression ramp up I will either turn on Ghostbusters (84) or I think about about the scene where the guys are in Jail trying to explain what heck is going on. I think to myself that if these guys can figure out what's going on and get control I can too. This usually works and I feel better.

Dose anyone else use Ghostbusters for something else other than Fandom?
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