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By RichardLess
Hello all. So one of our best behind the scenes accounts on GB2 is from Cinefex magazine. You can download each and every Cinefex from their app on a per issue basis or get a annual subscription. Anyways I bring this up because I was reading the Cinefex GB2 article, which has a couple FX shots we don’t see in the finished film. These are the infamous frog ghost and Slimer eating pieces of chicken off a wire. But then at the very end of the issue, after the Indiana Jones 3 article, there is an image with no caption and no information. It looks like it’s from GB2 but I don’t know where it be from. I’ll try and upload it here. There’s no context for this image. Only 2 movies are discussed in this issue. GB2 and Indy 3. This clearly isn’t from Indy 3. So what is it? Where is it from?


(I keep trying to embed the image to this post but it doesn’t seem to be working)
Does anyone recognize where this is from or could be from?
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By mrmichaelt
I would guess that's an unused Tony Scoleri test shot. Maybe when they were doing tests of the ghosts shooting electricity per the script then abandoned the idea.
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By RichardLess
Kingpin wrote: August 14th, 2022, 5:48 pm It's part of the moment when Nunzio phases through the wall as the guys are laughing, at the 3:51 mark:

Mystery solved! I think you’re right but it still looks…different. Maybe it’s a composite layer? Or something? It’s clearly not a direct screen grab. My first thought when I saw it was that it looked a bit like the fat scoleri but I couldn’t recognize the rest of the shot.

This is the frame from the film I think.
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By Alex Newborn
Just to show how exactingly KingPin matched the frame, I decided to have some photo fun.

I reduced the size of the Cinefex pic by exactly 40%, changed its opacity to 35%, and did the tiniest bit of vertical squash to the image.

Here it is overlaid beside the movie counterpart...


And here it is slid directly over top of it. He got the very frame.


You can also see why the cropping of the magazine, down to just the ghost against a featureless portion of the wall, made it almost look like an uncomposited image.

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By SpaceBallz
The ink/pages it was printed with back in the 80s could have resulted a lower quality high-contrast print-out too.
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