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By LakeSquid
I can’t figure out what Slimer is drinking in this scene. It looks like Miller High Life (from the other end of the table), but the bottle color is off. Possibly the color difference is from how the actor (Wilson?) was lit. Any help is much appreciated! Cheers!
By LakeSquid
Thank you! :love: It’s funny, what poured out looks like red wine, so you’re probably right. It’s just a weird bottle. I haven’t dug into the HD discs yet, but the picture I have from the Ultimate Visual History makes it look like a German beer. The text said they used oversized props for that scene.
By Alex Newborn
I think it was intended to be a bottle of champagne. They used a magnum instead of a regular bottle to make Slimer look smaller, and therefore less like a human in a suit.

According to this chart, a magnum holds twice as much as a standard bottle. So theoretically it would make Slimer look half the size.


If memory serves, they also had to go back on a later day and shoot it a second time because the first magnum was too transparent, and lacked sufficient contrast for the compositing.
A darker magnum was used for the reshoot.

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By mrmichaelt
Mark Siegel did confirm around 40:26 it was a bottle of champagne. It was crazy they made a puppet just for the drinking scene but they never got to use it because someone was concerned audiences would be confused it was a different ghost...

Siegel showed some photos from test footage and in them the puppet is holding the bottle. There's another shot shown around 49 minutes.
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