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By ECT0-1
Any long-time visitors to Universal Studios Florida out there? I've a question about one of the Ghostbusters attractions. I've seen mentions of the shows StreetBusters and Beetlejuice, Dead...In Concert!, where the Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice basically have it out in a dance "battle" of sorts. My question is: are these two different shows, or are they just different names for the same show? Because the description for both sound exactly the same.

Also, I know there's the later Extreme Ghostbusters show that's ALSO the same kind of show. Not interested in that one at the moment.
By ECT0-1
mrmichaelt wrote: April 20th, 2024, 7:46 am From what I understand, from 1990-1991, it was called Ghostbuster: House Call then in 1991 it was revamped into Beetlejuice: Dead in Concert and ran until around 1993.
House Call was a similar set-up, but that one they went into one of the house facades and played the audio from the Slimer bust in the street. ...In Concert! (and StreetBusters) is what replaced it. But I'm trying to find out if ...in Concert! and StreetBusters were two separate shows, or the same show with multiple names.

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