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I’m not sure what I expected but I was a little let down by how under the radar it all felt.

I kno there was a re release in a few theatres but it was not like what other companies have been doing. The Mummy, Spider-Man(all of them), Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Phantom Menace & a few other titles have all had fairly substantial re releases & celebrations for their anniversary. Some of done very well.

They announced some sort of Netflix animated series but no other details. There was a YouTube thing with Patton Oswalt & Kumail but that had been released already.

A re release of the first 2 films together might’ve been nice? Or the Real Ghostbusters getting an HD upgrade? Which can be done now even if the masters aren’t in Hd quality.

Or Some sort of event? I dunno. It just feels like it came & went without much fanfare.

It might’ve been nice to have sum Ghostbuster’s 2 love. It’s clear that film is no longer the black sheep it once was & is loved by a lot of fans & normies.

I guess there’s a problem of sorts, which is, we’ve heard all the stories & anecdotes about the OG film so what can they even do? But the 2nd film is still ripe for picking.
Yes I also felt with a new film that opened earlier they would have been more outgoing with anything really. Fans seemed to do more then Sony did...Not sure if maybe they were just GB done since the film was out and all wanted a break from it to focus on other projects knowing fans would celebrate anyway.

Maybe some theatres did locally but a 4 movie marathon would have been nice too.
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