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The Arizona Ghostbusters participated in the annual Fiesta Bowl Parade on January 3rd. There were more than a hundred entries in the parade this year and thousands in attendance. The parade was 2 miles down Central Ave in downtown Phoenix. We had an incredible reaction from the crowd. It was by far the largest event we have ever done. There were 7 team members in gear and 2 members carrying our banner in front of us. I am still working on getting videos and pics loaded up. I will start with this video from our local NBC station that was made before the parade started. It shows our very own John aka JackIvyGB.

http://gannett.a.mms.mavenapps.net/mms/ ... =983702588
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I just watched through the channel 3 video. Royal was super excited to see us, but Patti "didn't get it", and said that we reminded her of some kind of group of dad's she saw one time.Royal had a pause where you could tell he was like "are you kidding me Patti?", and then matter of factly replied that we reminded him of Ghostbusters. They got good shots of each member close up, ESPECIALLY Ronan (Slimer 28). For the rest of us, they sort of panned around to each person, but Ronan got the whole screen in his own shot!

Then, when the 501st came by (who Patti also made a few digs at), we got ours when she asked "do you think the ghostbusters could take care of these storm trooper guys?" and Royal was like "YEAH, THAT'D BE COOL!"

Good times. Definitely the pinnacle of any GB related experience I've had, and definitely one of the best times I've had in my life. It was amazing to hear all the crowds shouting for us, especially the huge number of little kids who knew who we were and were shouting "GHOST BUSTAHS!!! I GOT YO MOOBIE!!!"

I'll try to get the channel 3 vid up sometime tomorrow.
Wow I didn't know that I got that much screen time, I haven't watched any of the footage yet I missed the one on channel 12 because I was switching back and forth to the different local channels.
I had like ten of my friends call me and say "hey I saw you on tv". Anyway I would really like to thank you again Jeff for the opportunity to let me join today!

I don't think that I have had fun like that in a very long time! There was a little three year old who kind of ran out and yelled Ghostbusters, and his mom had to go after him so he wouldn't get trampled. Its stuff like this that really makes you feel proud to go out and wear the gear when children like that can recognize you despite the fact that its a 25 year old franchise. Oh and John did you find out whether or not your interview with the crazy reporter came out?
Glad you were able to join us Slimer. This is something none of us are going to forget.

Here is a link to the full parade video online:


We are at the 44 minute mark, our local 501st is at the 100 minute spot. I am working on a youtube clip of just our segment.
Here are some screencaps from the video

Long shot


Team with banner. I was carrying the Sniffer, several people asked/yelled from the crowd if I was sure I was using it right.


Matt H walking interview









Neals got that whole bug eyes thing


Matt S


Matt S working the crowd


It Would have loved to have had you with us. There will be plenty more opportunities. Neal has some great expressions. Must have some silent movie actor blood in him somewhere down the line. One of the best parts of the parade was someone yelling at him "we love you Bill Murray!"
Well, the lighting is playing tricks too. Keith's looks almost dark grey but it's the same one Matt is wearing. In the news screens it looks ok. Cool to hear your getting a new one though. You'll have to get a tag with your name too!

I need to get one as well...
EctoCooler wrote:This is so awesome! Great exposure for the community. Try not to scare "the straights" too much :cool:
Thanks. We're certainly wanting to give people a positive view of the ghosthead community. That's the biggest reason we don't use character names or roleplay in any kind of way at events. We're fine with people thinking we're crazy enough to wear this stuff, we just don't want them thinking we're actually crazy to think we're looking for ghosts. We did get alot of people asking along the route if we were for real.
That's awesome guys. I love how the female voice over in the video "didn't get it" and you guys reminded her of "a group of dads walking in a parade with lawn chairs." Then the other voice over was like "um, they remind me of the Ghostbusters!". Classic TV moment there.

It looks like you had fun and you did a great interview there, explaining what you guys do. Keep it up!
Thanks. Yeah she has a history of saying things like that I've been told. She really missed the mark with the 501st. Still the crowd got us and that's the most important thing. It was very overwhelming for us all when we 1st walked out onto the route and the crowd on both sides erupted in cheers. All they needed was "end of the world" signs. We did find someone wearing the blue logo shirt. Almost all of us said "i like that shirt friend" to him.
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