Discuss the Ghostbusters movie that was released in 2016.
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By Sav C
Speaking of Nicolas Cage, has anyone ever seen either The Family Man or Trapped in Paradise? They're two of my favorites. I really love that genre, there were quite a few films of that style around that time. Wonder Boys, The Upside of Anger, Grosse Pointe Blank, to name just a few.
By pferreira1983
"Best Dramatic Presentation"?! Really?! LMAO.
I know, I chuckled when I read that. ATC is anything but dramatic. :lol:
Star Wars has always been differentiated as Fantasy, rather than Sci Fi like Star Trek. But I suppose the Hugos cover that too.
Star Wars isn't fantasy, it isn't sci-fi, Star Wars is sci-fi fantasy. :wink:
if the characters had any real moments to breath. But instead I gained a far more generous appreciation for Force Awakens than I'd had before.
The Force Awakens had absolutely no characters I could care about. Rogue One had better written, better acted characters than that awful disgrace of a movie, that's why people liked it more.
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By JurorNo.2
ATC is anything but dramatic. :lol:
Good, considering it's a comedy. And considering "Best Dramatic Presentation" is very obviously their wording for "Best Movie." But leave it to detractors to derail a positive thread yet again. ;)

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