By dfarrell1015
im a long time fan and im a ttempting my first cosplay.....i dont have a ton of money and im a heavy set 6ft ----
56 inch waist....size 16 shoe....i cant seem to find a flightsuit in other than black....but i know thru skimming thru this forum....that wont work. im usually buying 6xl tall clothing.....does anyone out there know of a site to get what i need? I live in an aprtment complex and dont have unlimited access to a washer to try the dying technique i have read about. I also cant seem to find a khakis or desert tan jumpsuit in that size. Any assistance would be tremendously appreciated. Also for a pack im getting a spirit pack and gonna mod i said before i dont have a ton of money for a decent full size pack.
By UFMascot
I'm 6'-7" with a 53" chest. I recently picked up a 54 extra-long suit from Pricey, but it fits great and is a fantastic screen match for GB1.

Good luck!
By Convicted_vapist
I ended paying about $212 when it was all said and done, but it fits like a dream, I will be ordering another one very soon , they got the measurements perfect
What did this suit end up costing you?
Im ordering one from here, they make the suit to your exact specifications, so , hopefully it is a good fit
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