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By Mattb1Stantz
Hi guys.

I've an important question... I want to do a uniform for my girlfriend.
Not like sexy version you can find on ebay, but some more screen accurate, but female too. :eyeroll:

Any exemple and were I can find it?


Thank you in adance
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By Theoderic
So - what's the matter? Why not go straight for a original uniform (jumpsuit) at all?

Imho it's totally suitable for a "girlbuster" (um... well - maybe "fembuster" .... meh - that may sound weird too, but anyways...) as well, i never really understood the need of an explicit female-version of the original ghostbuster-uniform at all, well - at least as one's not especially on the quest for some "tempting-sexy-girlish" outfit (which may be neat, but still may bring a bit of sillyness to the "seriousness of busting-business" with it :wink: ) of course.

Take a look at:


....see what i mean? What's wrong with that?
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By NotSabbat
I have two women in my group. One is 5'4" and the other is 4'10", both wear the standard 27-p flightsuit in khaki. Just get one in her size, you should be good to go.
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