Having only had Tru-Spec suits this far, can anyone tell me how a Nomex size relates to a Tru-Spec? I've always done a XL Long TruSpec, as I like it a bit baggy, so I went with a 44L on my order. Wondering if a Nomex is truly comparable, or if I should edit my order before it's too late.

I was a March preorder from Magnoli, so chances are he might be working on mine already... My name patch showed up in his early test shot.
I have a couple Nomex suits I've found at shops over the years. Trying to do the imperial > metric here, but I'm roughly 1.8/1.9m or 6'2" so you'd be, roughly, 6'5"? I bought a 48L and it fits perfectly. If you're taller than me, you might want to look at 50L even. I'm a pretty average build and weight for a man my size so the waist and chest are fine for me.
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