By aburns84
True on the prop aspect. I just meant prices are going up. My first pads for my GB 2 Costume were $7, but of course where I got them last year no longer has them. They just have the newer styles and not the puffy circular pads like they used in the movies.
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By Gareee
Prices on everything are spiralling up out of control. Even Toys that cost $9.88 last year at walmart are now $14.98!!
By beezer090
So, I bought two pairs of defenders in case I screw up the first pair. they were on clearance for 5 bucks a pair at Dunham's sporting goods. Anyway, I used black RIT dye from Wally-World (took several stores because I had no idea where to look) and they came out nice and gray. Two days later, they're still a little bit moist.

My Question: I'm getting ready to cut them up and remove the excess fabric around the bubble. It seems you're supposed to cut a little bit conservatively because you have to sew a hem into them so that they don't unravel. Is that correct? Are there any specific plans for this? I read page one and five and browsed quickly through 2-4 and found nothing. The pictures on the very first post were a bit far away to confidently decide how to go about this step. Any help would be appreciated.
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By kind2311
really? do they have any more?

put the pads in your dryer.

also, people always talk about hemming them when in reality its actually not the accurate way to do it.

the pads in the movie were clearly cut and not hemmed, and had a solution applied to them so they wouldnt fray. i know this because when i added the solution to mine, it made the cut edges darken a bit, just like you see in the movies.
By undertaker6x3

also, people always talk about hemming them when in reality its actually not the accurate way to do it.

the pads in the movie were clearly cut and not hemmed, and had a solution applied to them so they wouldnt fray. i know this because when i added the solution to mine, it made the cut edges darken a bit, just like you see in the movies.
What is the solution that you used? Would love to know?
By beezer090
I tried something from Wally World that was supposed to glue fabrics together and it doesn't do crap. I'm seeing if putting it over where it was cut and may fray will work. My next option is going to be to try and whip them with a lighter. Should melt right...

Also, Garee, I was looking at your sewn pads which are STELLAR and was curious how you were able to hem them around the outside. Did you go through the bubble?
By aburns84
Those pads I got from Amazon do have text on them so don't buy them. It is minor, but it is printed text and hard to come off based on the material. Great news is they dyed really well with some rit black liquid dye. Going to be adding the patch and trimming here in a few weeks.
By BudgieBrain26
Hey guys...... It's not that I DON'T want to spend $20 like Vinny mentioned above... but HOLY SHIT I can't find pads for the life of me.... Defenders are only available in black.... that's out.... the sites that do have the 3PC ones... they're all out of stock.... and the two good sites that have the Judo Pads (which I was looking for in the first place) are 16.99 - 18.99 BUT LIKE $30 SHIPPING TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon.... $50.00 for elbow pads is a bit ridiculous....

Anyone have any better solutions?!?!!? lol.... Thanks everyone....
By aburns84
Amazon has a pair for $19 if you don't mind some small black text on them. They lied to me about not having text. I mentioned before that it is getting to be a little high to get elbow pads. It should not be this hard to find. Not to mention basic elbow pads are under $10 at your local store and most of the places that sell close to accurate will cost you between 20-30. It's a rip off, but price we have to pay for accuracy. $50 is ridiculous.
By BudgieBrain26
aburns84.... have you checked that amazon listing?!?!? Says "Currently Unavailable" and something about not sure when will be back in stock!!! Go figure..... this is getting STUPID.... :S Simple kneepad turns in to a pocket stretcher... lol
By beezer090
Wal-Mart had some that were a bit inaccurate, but no text for $9, MC Sports had them for $16 that were accurate, and Dunham's had accurate ones for $20, and Defenders (recommended here) for $5 on clearance. If you live near a city, go out to some sporting goods stores and save on shipping. If you don't live near a city, well, then I guess I wasted my breath...
By BudgieBrain26
Does anyone think that these could be touched up to screen accuracy?!?! ... Id=3722669

Cheap.... in Canada so shipping wouldn't be very much.... just dunno how much work I'd have to put in to them!!??
By BudgieBrain26
So I have noticed that there are quite a few people that are starting to take their own variations of the GB Uniforms in to thought and practice, and honestly I think it's awesome to get some variations going, even local chapter colours like Fossil and JayM are trying to get going (I'm sure there are others as well).

With that said there may be an interest in bubble accurate knee pads in different colours. Would save painting, dying, basically just time and a bit of money. If that's the case then here's a few links to bubble pads in different colours. Thanks to JayM for helping out with the links and info!!! Huge help!!

Blue - (These look like they have an accurate bubble, but they may be flat, bad reference picture) ....... ... &Itemid=64

Black - (Bubble looks good, but Rucanor logo would have to be razored off)...... ... Id=3722669

White - (These are the Martin pads that have the bubble, but might be difficult to get the "Martin" logo off, the picture also shows BLACK, BURGUNDY, BLUE, WHITE, but the listing is set for White only)..... ... 0179636226

Blue - (Same Martin's as above, only this is a BLUE pair listing)..... ... 0281325161

Red - (Bubble seems decent, but there is a white BIKE logo that may be hard to get rid of)..... ... 1e5914103b

Black - (These are Typj's knee pads that are being sold now, I gather Defender pads still, only black)..... ... 2c53fecc68

Blue - (Bubble again seems correct, but unsure of the logo, picture shows white as well, if the seller offers them in white they might be good for dying)..... ... 1c11956ab8

Green - (JayM found these ones, and even though it states YOUTH he has been in contact with the seller and says they have ADULT sizes, and in different colours, not sure which colours exactly though, again logo will need to be removed)..... ... 2a05a4516f

White - (JayM supplied this site. Shows no logo, correct bubble, and very similar to the Pro Series 3pc ones, if not exact. I have ordered 2 pairs of these ones as they are the cheapest I could find with shipping)......

There we have it.... Now I know, "Holy shit what's with the links"? But after a day of searching for the most accurate, cheapest pads with the best shipping prices to Canada, JayM finally rushed in and saved the day. THANKS JAY! I hope this helps anyone looking for pads at the momemt, and as soon as the pads come in I will take some pics and post an update of quality and condition they come in (logo, bubble, etc.). I am going to Dye one pair and spray paint the other pair to see which comes out better (will try the DYE first, that way if it works and holds well I'll just dye the other set too). Thanks to everyone who helped out on my wild knee pad rampage today (JayM, Spooky, Jairus, Aj_Quick, Etc.) and sorry about the annoyances!! lol
By Ectospasm6000
Any body do any work with the black ones. I ordered a pair from ebay and I got a pair of black ones. I am not freaking out about it, just wondering if anyone has tackled this yet. Seems like it might be easier to paint them then bleach and start the dye ritual.
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By Gareee
They make color stripper.. maybe dilute that, and see if it'll remove it partially? If it works, you won't even need to re dye them.
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By mrcellophane
So, I bought a pair of black defenders from Typj in the hopes that I could use color remover or bleach to turn them white (or at least lighten them enough to dye them). Well, neither of those methods worked. I even let the pads sit in a bucket of bleach overnight and they didn't change one bit. Has anyone had success in turning these black pads white?

If not, looks like I'll just be moving on to the paint method.
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By kind2311
unfortunately those black pads are made from some synthetic material that you cant get the color out of. your best bet is to cover them with fabric paint, not spray paint.
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By Jairus
Here's how my Century Judo kneepads turned out after removing the logo on the bubble, dyeing in liquid black RIT, and misting with some flat black Krlyon spray paint. The black patches on the insides were first done in black sharpie, then masked off and touched up with flat black spray paint.
2010-06-28 23.47.04.jpg
Still needs a little fray check around the edges and some darkening in the grooves, but yeah. The Century Judo pads have some real potential.
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By Ectochromatic Plössl
I found a mild discount offer for S&S Knee pads that look pretty good:
Order any of the items listed below today
and receive a $5 discount.
If your total is over $59, you get FREE SHIPPING, too!

This is our normal re-stocking expense and we are happy to pass the savings along to you. Simply click here now to return to your cart and complete your purchase or call 1-800-288-9941 to place your order by phone. Please use offer code E3043 when ordering.

S&S Customer Service Team
Your Items Price
Volleyball Knee Pads - W5849 11.99

Shipping appears to be:
The rates below have been calculated on your order total.
Standard Shipping $8.95

I am not recommending these, just passing on the info.
By jessejames51
just a note to canadian gb's, is in the process of developing a canadian website and has a warehouse in mississauga, ontario with the judo century pads. there is a price mark-up as the pads right now cost 27.99 in canada but you can arrange for a pick up in stead of paying shipping. a little pricey but they're close to home, and they will ship fast. buy where you'd like but here's a convient option for canadians.
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By Thumpernicus
I think these pads have custom velcro tabs (the black "patches") added to the armbands so the actors could more easily remove them between shots. If you have ever worked on a movie set you will know that props are often remived from the actors right away after a scene and there are LONG breaks in between shots. ... h/GB06.jpg
Ray's pads look like they MAY have been darkened a bit in the grooves but the pads black centres look larger in this pic that the topics pics a few posts above. I'm about to do my defenders and have been umming and ahhhing as to what course of action to take but that's what I'm going to try.[/quote]
By Ryusui
My elbow pads are the knee pads from S&S Worldwide - same ones in the link that Ectochromatic Plössl posted above. I bought them back in May of 2009. As you can see, they're not quite as long as the ones in the pic at the S&S link. Aside from the two-tone elastic, I think they look pretty good.
(no flash)
The logo was a little bit of a pain in the ass to remove. And one of my pads has a slightly darker tint in the square where I cut through the fabric to remove the logo. But it's pretty minor. I think I just got impatient with it after doing three other pads.

I want to thank Gareee for the little tutorial he posted last year. I used it on my elbow pads this past week and absolutely love how they came out. I don't think I would have had as much success trying to figure it out on my own.
Could be they come in and out of stock.

I dyed them with 1/4 cup rit black liquid dye, 1/4 cup salt, and half a soup kettle of water. I dyed them in pairs, first one set, then the other.

I hung them each on a rod over a plastic trash can with a plastic bag in it to catch drippings.

After an hour, I rinsed them in the sink with lukewarm water, wrung them out, and just put them in the dryer with a bunch of other black clothing, to help keep the dryer clean.

One set had slightly darker elastic straps then the other, but both looked pretty acceptable. Hard to twell till I see them dry.

I kept the dye bath, in case they need a re dunking. if so, I'll add another 1/8 cup of dye first, bring it almost to a boil, and then redye them to darken them, but from the pics, it doesn;t look like they should be too dark to my eyes.

Oh.. to people altering them... leave about 3/4" to 1" when you trim them extra.. its easier to hem them that way. Also make sure you test fit them as you go along, because you don't want the hem restricting how tight they are.

I DO agree with others.. even the large are snug, and I might end up using the 2 liter bottle stretch method on mine.. they might be fine for the wife.
By Pete33
ok so im planning on getting a pair of elbow pads today, and im thinking about getting these: ... art_recs_2

however i would like to know if they come in large automatically. the listing doesnt state the size, am i to assume its a large? i want it to be a large but i need to be sure before buying. has anyone bought this pair of pads before?
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