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By JayM
That link is to mediums anyway. Most people need a large for their arms. Also, the shipping on is just unfair. It doubles the price for the pads!
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By jezza
Bought a pair of Cannon knee pads on Amazon for $15. Soaked in a RIT pearl gray bath (boiling water, dye, salt, soap) for an hour, dried, then dusted several coats of Simply Fabric black fabric spray.

Think they're looking pretty damn good.

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By jezza
They do but you should trim those bands, I mean if accuracy is what you're after.
I plan on it.

And the black elastic fabric just arrived today.
By Ozzy4130
eBay item number 180709501229 "defender volleyball pads"
These are the ones that most people have been modifying this guy
has them buy it now and shipped for like $5.00!! and he has about 15 of them left.
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Bought a pair of Cannon knee pads on Amazon for $15. Soaked in a RIT pearl gray bath (boiling water, dye, salt, soap) for an hour, dried, then dusted several coats of Simply Fabric black fabric spray.

Think they're looking pretty damn good.

They look fantastic!

May I ask what kind of salt & soap? How much of each?
By T16skyhopp
Yeah and they fit perfect if you're a girl...

Mine fit great and i'm not a tiny guy. I will upgrade to larger ones for look at a later date. Just left them over a soda bottle for a few days before and after modifying and they are not too tight.
By Michael Scott
It took a week but I got mine. Now for the dying, trimming, and sewing. I can already tell there's way more room than the medium defenders I'd been using. I put them on over my hoodie sleeves and could barely tell they were there, tightness wise.
By Michael Scott
I've read over these 8 pages a few times, and perhaps I've just missed it, but I'm wondering if there's an agreed-upon size for the black portion on the inner elbow, or is it just eyeballing it until it looks proportionate?

Also, should I cut them or dye them first? I've seen examples of both in this thread. I'd like to use the fray stop when I cut them, but I didn't know if it would make that nice darker shade of gray if I cut them and used the fray stop after they had already been dyed.
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By gEkX
Fray stop after you dye/paint them. It will give you that dark grey color after it dries. If you did it before you're gonna have a problem with dye or paint taking to it. Im using some 4" black elastic strap that I found at Joanne's for the pieces on the inner arm.

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By Shappy
I picked up the same elastic band at Jo Ann's to use for the black patch. Easy to stitch on and it stretches with the elastic on the pads, so it works great.

I had trouble getting the Pearl Grey to give me a dark color, but I found out that the fabric paint mixed in a gallon of water makes a nice dark grey for the pads. I washed the pads twice and then dipped them in the mixture wet. I added a bit more of the fabric paint until I got the right color. I let them dry and there is not fading or bleeding of the color at all.
By J_Brickman
I used kind2311's recipe and got good results.

Untitled by Jsudderth77, on Flickr

I might hit the bubbles with some Rustoleum fabric and vinyl paint from the auto parts store. I got some in black and a primer coat for the vinyl on my Ecto goggles, and it works great. I'm pretty sure they have it in gray. I do have a question: I lost a lot of paint on the belt hardware and got some rust too, during the process. Any suggestions on keeping the rust from spreading?
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By mikecray24
Hey Guys-

I just died my pads last night following kind's recipe, which I think is great! They came out sort of alright... I got that dreaded purple tint that I've been reading about. I realized today that I totally forgot to rinse them out last night, so I rinsed the crap out of them in the sink forever today, and that definitely helped a bit, as you will see in the comparison photos. Though, they look a lot more grey in the pictures than they do in person, trust me. I was wondering about my options to proceed and I had 2 ideas.

1. I could re-dye them, this time using boiling water (instead of hot tap water) for about an hour or so.


2. I could go the fabric paint/primer route and give them some light dustings to "grey" them up a little.

Take a look at the pics, and let me know what you all think. Thanks so much!!

Back: Left NOT rinsed, right RINSED, with FLASH:
Back Comparison Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Back: Left NOT rinsed, right RINSED, no flash:
Back Comparison No Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Front: Left NOT rinsed, right RINSED, with FLASH:
Front Comparison Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Front: Left NOT rinsed, right RINSED, no FLASH:
Front Comparison No Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Both rinsed with suit, FLASH:
Suit Reference Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Both rinsed with suit, no FLASH:
Suit Reference No Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr
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By mikecray24
So I went the paint route, and I think it definitely helped a lot. I hit them with some flat grey paint all over, then touched up the bubble cracks and bubble border with a darker grey primer. I think the appearance came out good, as far as the details, and making the bubbles "pop" as we all like to say. I'm on the fence about the color. I'm not gonna lie, they are a LITTLE too dark for my tastes (they are darker in person), but I also know that there are plenty of screen grabs where their pads look significantly dark, as well. I just wanted you guys/gals to see how it turned out, and let me know if you think I should leave em be for now, or make an attempt to lighten them up a bit? Here are some pics with and without the flash with the pads on the flightsuit. For reference this is a Tru-Spec un-dyed suit.

Inside No Flash:
Inside No Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Inside Flash:
Inside Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Bubble No Flash:
Bubble No Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Bubble Flash:
Bubble Flash by mikecray24, on Flickr

Thanks for checking them out!
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By jzurawski
Hey AJ... I saw that a while back you had some gray elbow pads in the sites shop for sale... Any chance you will have them for sale in the shop again anytime soon? You have been getting alot of uniform stuff back in stock as of late, which i have taken advantage of, but one of the big things I am missing is the pads... Just thought I would check before I take the dye plunge...
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By MadKidJedi
Markwort manufactures kneepads that are either the same model, or pretty darn close to the screen used ones ... except they only sell them in a gold color. ... gold?pp=12
Was just going to post that find myself, ghostfan003... ordered 2 pair today, at $7.18 a pair...!! With shipping, came $21.11.

I figure I can paint 'em up in the manner recommended and used here on this thread... I got that skill-set. Though, if I can't get that gold outta the band, I'll just attach the cups to new elastic.
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By MadKidJedi
The pads I ordered arrived Saturday (though I thought it was something else that I had got from eBay... didn't open them to find out 'til last night... >derp<...). Prepping to make 'em the right color.. . Already got some Rust-o-leum light grey automotive spray primer... and thinking I may just go to JoAnn's Fabric and buy some properly-colored elastic and sew it up, and then attach the painted pad-sections, rather than try to dye the 'gold' elastic these are attached to.


In case anyone wanted to order... the info is clearly visible here...


The excess can be folded under for a better look, at any rate...


Now... gotta find that dye-recipe/instructions in these threads...
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By o0Ecto1A0o
Hey MadKidJedi,
Here is the thread for my dye job that I did. I think I put the links where I got the dye recipe from. Good Luck!! ... =4&t=30442

I still used the paint after I dyed them.
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