By andy86
Hi all,

Whats the best option that you found when finding your GB1 Boots?

At this stage I havent really found any retailers that have any thing similar, is there a specific brand that does a similar product? What option suited every one best in there opinion?


I use vintage Corcoran 1500 10" Jump Boots. They have the correct smooth soles and toe caps, but they lack the aluminum side-zippers as seen on the GB1 boots (Vietnam-era Carolina jump boots). I purchased them on eBay about a year ago for $35.00 shipped. Vintage jump boots with the aluminum side-zippers are highly sought after and end up going for a lot on eBay.

Of course, if screen-accuracy isn't crucial, just about any 10" black military boot will work. That being said, don't cheap out and get a pair of shoddy boots. Your feet will thank you (especially if carrying a proton pack all day at a con).
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By mburkit
Vincenzo330 wrote:I recommend this seller, they have free shipping and it's a good price.
That's where I got mine from. And if you want the zipper to look like "brushed aluminum", instead of black, just hit them with a silver sharpie. I know it sounds dumb, but it turns out looking pretty nice. And its easy.
monolith21 wrote:
andy86 wrote:Any specific sellers/sites that are recommended?

the corcoran 995 jump boots from this place are on back order until the 30th. just found that out the hard way. now $116 of mine is tied up due to them processing the order before it was confirmed to be in stock and i'm stuck waiting for that money so that i can order from someone who does have the boots.
Corcoran, Carolina, and Chippewa of that era all use the same design jump boot as requested by the united states airforce
for use in Vietnam all the jump boots had to look and perform the same even thow there were three suppliers.
Carolina jump boots are no longer sold they stoped selling them about 3 years ago and even there catalog numbers for the boot was the same as corcoran 955 or 995 in later years .But you can find them all over ebay mine were $65.00 shipped brand new 2 years ago! Just take some light sand paper to the zipper and that black paint comes wright off!!
The pic above are vintage carolina boots and the ones bellow are new out the box stock pic.
Vincenzo330 wrote:I recommend this seller, they have free shipping and it's a good price.
Thanks Vincenzo330 for the store recommendation. My boots just showed up. This place was first rate from the get go. I'm really pleased with the service, price and the boots.

I'd originally picked up a pair from The price was a few dollars cheaper but the service absolutely blew. Took quite a long time to get them. And when I needed to return them, botachtactical fell off the face of the earth. Had trouble getting them on the phone even before I got the boots. Now I just need to sell my 10.5 mediums.

So yeah, COROCORAN 995's and get 'em from the workboot superstore. And thanks Vinnie.

By Prefect42

Thanks for the tip. I just roughed the zippers up with sandpaper. Ended up roughing up the entire boot. They look a little bit better now. May pick up a silver paint pen later this morning anyway.

Looking forward to busting this weekend.

By MRblahface
Ryusui wrote:Too bad they, like most sites, only offer expensive shipping options to Hawaii. $50, are you kidding me?
Yes, But that is still cheaper then buying a $150.00 pair of boots and then charging +50 on them.
By Gareee
Tyger Cheex wrote:These are the boots I opted for:
They even have 10% off because of the upcoming holiday.
youre in HI you shoudl haev tons of surplus stores there due to the bases there.

yeah ARMY jump boots, best option. mine need soles as there were worn out long ago so looking for the USRA issued ones from the mid 90's, but without the smooth sole.
i got my boots from kerezman BEFORE i he was blacklisted on here, theyre real flimsy and within a year of wearing them the soles pulled right off the inner sole...sooo i mean its not an amswer considering kerezman is blacklisted NOW...ill be picking up a new pair eventually, i just grabbed a pair of dr. soles and some super glue ;)
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