By gEkX
I'm in the search for some GB1 100% accurate gloves. I know AJ has some that are very close. The big difference with the screen used and the shop ones I noticed is the raised diamond grip. I found a company that carries gloves with this grip but the problem is the diamond pattern goes up and over the finger tips. It almost looks like diamond pattern finger-nails on them.
So my question is has anyone found "the" gloves?
By onlyalad19
The gloves have been mentioned to be electrical lineman's gloves. Salisbury is the closest to screen accurate manufacturer of these gloves. However, since they have a dated window for usage, old stock is impossible to find and all new stock now contain info near the cuff, which is color coded to correspond with size, class, max voltage etc. Here is a picture of a pair.... ... 3268_L.JPG

They are all over Ebay and cost a small fortune, but since they aren't all black they will not be accurate. I would assume you could just color over them if you wanted to get a pair. Hope this helps.
By Cosmic-Riptide
To my knowledge, no one has found an exact match yet.

These are the closest (at least going by the photo on the site) I've been able to find so far... ... MA6011.htm

They appear to lack the semi-gloss sheen that the GB1 ones had (and the cuff may be about an inch too long), and memory serves... this is one of those sites where there's like a minimum order of a thousand... but it's been about a year since I checked, so I don't really remember.

They also have this style which appears to have a narrower cuff (I still haven't fully determined which is more accurate), but there's a band of color around the base (which could probably be cut off)... ... MA6010.htm
By gEkX
Thanks guys the first one doesn't have the raised grip it looks like and are pretty long. The second link looks likes the same style I already have. Notice how the raised grip goes all the way up the fingers. Now the third one looks spot on besides that section of orange. I wonder how hard it would be to remove that.. from the screen grabs it looks like the gloves were trimmed up a little if worn. Venkmans gloves in particular look very short to me. Anybody else notice that?
By onlyalad19
Oh yes, that link is for a particularly longer pair which is 14" length. However, they do make different lengths. Here is another example in a 11" length...


Both gloves shown in the other post are textured on the palm and/or fingers, which to my knowledge is not accurate at all. The gloves in both films are smooth all around. Do you have any pics showing otherwise? I would like to see if you do. :)
By Cosmic-Riptide
onlyalad19 wrote:Both gloves shown in the other post are textured on the palm and/or fingers, which to my knowledge is not accurate at all. The gloves in both films are smooth all around. Do you have any pics showing otherwise? I would like to see if you do. :)
The GB1 gloves had textured palms and fingers, the GB2 gloves, as far as I can tell, did not.

Unfortunately I lack the ability to take screen-caps, but I can walk you through a few scenes in GB1 where you can see the texture for yourself...

Scene 1 - Sedgewick entrance (a tiny hint) - As the Ghostbusters enter the Sedgewick and walk through the lobby... Ray's gloves are tucked into his belt with a tiny bit of the bottom of the palm and thumb facing the camera. The palm, and the side of the thumb closest to the palm, appear gray due to the texture on the gloves. This is visible for the entire shot.

Scene 2 - Sedgewick elevator (the blurriest) - As Ray steps out of the Sedgewick elevator, he goes to pull his proton gun for the very first time. If you take it frame by frame, as he reaches for the gun, you can see that the finish on the palm, fingers, and thumb of the glove are different from the rest of the glove.

Scene 3 - Slimer attacks (the 2nd blurriest) - When Slimer charges towards Peter in the hallway of the Sedgewick, the scene cuts to a close-up of Peter's face. In one gloved hand Peter is holding his MT-500, the other gloved hand is balled into a fist and held up to his forehead in defense. Looking at the fist you can clearly see a difference in the finish on the palm and inner thumb of the glove.

Scene 4 "Heat em up!" (100% clear definitive proof) - During the battle with Gozer Peter yells "Heat em up!". The scene cuts to an extreme close-up of one of the proton guns being switched on. If you take it frame by frame you can very clearly see the textured palm and fingers of both gloves holding the gun. :cool:
By onlyalad19
Wow, I never noticed that before.... I stand corrected. I guess the search continues. I just found these as I was posting this...


See how that embossed section continues around the back side of the thumb on the right hand? These seem to be pretty close. What do you think?
By Cosmic-Riptide
It's hard to tell from the quality of the image. The cuffs still look to be an inch or so too long (but I'm not 100% on that). I don't believe that the cuff of the glove should be any longer than the length of the palm, but I'm still looking for a definitive example.
By gEkX
I kinda like the idea of a little longer so they can be trimmed to length desired. Or eaisly hung from a belt if that's what you decide. Im a skinny guy so when you throw a belt gizmo, trap, key fobs, radio, and a pke, and a lifegard on there is doesn't leave alot room for much else... ;)
By onlyalad19
The company is in Malaysia and I have sent an e-mail inquiring about them. If I can get a pair and they are what we hope they are I will order more and start a for sale thread. As soon as I get them, I will post pics for everyone to see and compare. I will keep you guys posted and if everyone is on board, like I stated I will get a crap ton more to benefit the community. How does that idea sound?
By onlyalad19
Okay, so the gloves I was inquiring about were in fact the same Marigold gloves that would cost $2.00 - $5.00 but to ship from China they cost $40.00 and are not accurate at all. However, after some more research I found these... ... es-1pr.jpg

I am going to contact the supplier tomorrow and let you guys know.
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By Prydonian
Now this is what I call convenient! I was just coming to the forum to research gloves for my slowly-being-constructed uniform, and you guys are e'en now conducting a definitive search! On behalf of all, I thank you. Can't wait to see what you turn up!
By onlyalad19
Update! The website offered live chat with a sales rep and I had the opportunity to ask any questions before I purchased the gloves. I must say that I am really excited to get these things, since they seem to have everything we want. I will keep you all posted in the days to come.
By onlyalad19
New and disappointing update! The gloves have arrived and they are correct as far as the style of diamond grip is concerned, but WRONG in every other way. Keep in mind, I asked questions regarding all this with the sales rep. Bellow is the break down:

1 - The diamond pattern continues around the tip of the thumb, not on the fingers which is great... just the thumb. :-?

2 - There is a band of diamond pattern around the base near the rolled cuff. :-x
3 - The one size available would only fit if everybody were the size of Andre the Giant! I mean these things are so freakin huge I can fit both hands into one glove. :boogieman:

The sales rep that said the contrary to all my questions regarding these points of interest, stated I can get a full refund including the shipping if I was not satisfied. Not only am I not satisfied, I feel completely lied to. I am starting to think that the accurate gloves are no longer manufactured. If they are, they are for some strange reason not available and/or pictured online.
By Cosmic-Riptide
Well, I stand corrected about GB2... it appears that the GBs wear at least two different styles of black rubber glove in the film.

There's a shorter style, seen throughout the montage, that is similar to the GB1 gloves but so far doesn't seem to be textured.

Then there's a longer style, seen in the Statue of Liberty and Vigo battle. These extend almost to the elbow pads, and the entire hand (from the wrist to the finger tips, front and back) is textured (the rest of the glove, from the wrist to the elbow, is not). The texture does not appear to be uniform, and is probably a grit style texture.
By lannyjack
So those gloves break down to about 5 bucks a pair. I could see them in the shop for around $6-10. I would pay that to avoid having to drop $400 on a case of gloves.

PLUS you can use them to scrub pots!!

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