By PssdffJay
I hadn't either until Higgs brought it up in this thread.

Name Tag

This saved me from redoing it after I found out about Pepi's GB2 name patch.
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By Nicholszz
Them are some nice looking pads.
I'll have to pick up some of that paint this week.
By Letmebleed75
Hahahahahaha thats a funny joke.

Im happy jay is building his wand and not using a toy.
By PssdffJay
Yeah, the Matty wand goes on my shelf with my other ghostbuster collectibles.

I look at it like, I'm spending $$$$ to build my pack with metal and real parts, why would I finish it with a plastic toy for a thrower? That's like restoring a 1959 MM and then painting it purple.

If other people are going to use the Matty wand, that's up to them. I think there are some better options out there. If I wasn't going with an aluminum thrower, I would have bought TC's resin one. Hell, I might anyway just to build one and have that on my shelf.

For me, the Matty wand stays at home, and when I get Franchesky's goggles and trap, my Matty versions will stay at home too. If Matty comes out with an actual pack, price dependant, I would probably get it, just to have the set... But it stays at home.

For what it is, the thrower is a cool toy.
By PssdffJay
Nicholszz wrote:Them are some nice looking pads.
I'll have to pick up some of that paint this week.
Thanks, this was the paint pen I picked up from Michaels.


The dumb thing is they don't say black anywhere on the pen, so above the UPC code, look for 222-S #1.
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By PssdffJay
No, when I sprayed them the first time I stretched them over a large protein powder container. (The one thing I didn't take photos of) and then they dried over night after 3 coats. That's when I panicked because when I took them off, the paint dried and they elastics didn't retract. I though I messed them up and they were trash bound. I got the elastic damp and hung them in front of a vent to dry and they did retract. Those ones are not too tight.

These new ones are quite a bit tighter. I'm still waiting to see how much they will loosen up.

Xav, try sticking them over a 2L bottle (I don't know how many ounces that is) and leave them for a while. See if that helps. I remember you saying they were tight. Or even a coffee container, I know you have a bunch of them, I saw them in one of your photos. ;)
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By pyhasanon
I stretched mine around a 5"-diameter poster tube when I spray painted mine... I too was worried that they stretched out too far, but they fit fine when I tried them on... Also, I folded the ends of mine inward, I didn't cut them (yes, not screen accurate at all)... Currently, I like my custom ones better than my GBFans one, although the GBFans one is still excellent and very well made!
By PssdffJay
I wanted to make sure that paint got everywhere when I sprayed them, that's I used such a large container. I'd guess it was about an 8" diameter.

(None of these are really screen accurate anyway, who the heck knows exactly how they were done. All we can do is get close.)
By PssdffJay
Thank you! It's my first time making anything like this so I definitely tried to go all out.

And don't feel bad about the Matty thrower. We all start somewhere and we all have priorities in our lives. Stick with that and go from there. Luckily I had the resources at the time to buy all the metal parts I could. At this time of year, it would be a different story. You don't have to do this all at once. Start small and slowly acquire parts. I am debating on taking the Matty thrower to our expo next weekend. Not sure.
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By pyhasanon
syckotheklown wrote:Well for now I HAVE to use the Matty wand. Iv got 3 little busters and a wife and bills soooooo, ill save the resin wand for when I upgrade the sc shell. Your suit looks awesome btw.
I know the feeling, bro... wife, two kids, bills... Ugh... Gonna wait a year before I build my own hero pack... No money (or time) right now for it...
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By xaviorbat
I'm going with a paper and foam pack, my friend is using a combo of norms and Stephan's plans and some knowledge he has to make it solid enough to be a shelf so it should be solid enough to be a pack, I'll do a build thread when I start it
By PssdffJay
I can understand that. I planned on ordering all my parts over a year but all the planets aligned perfectly, and I happened to have some really good months with my day job and my side business and I was able to order everything within 2 months. I'm still waiting for parts to arrive but that's ok, it's been too cold to do any painting here anyway.

We live in a time now where there are some excellent part makers and 10 years ago, I would bet people would be super excited for a Matty wand to use. Don't stress about it. Upgrade if and when you can.
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By pyhasanon
syckotheklown wrote:Thanks guys. Sometimes its upsetting. Not from you two btw. Just others with the RESIN or DEATH attitude. You guys are cool as $#!*
I have a not so screen accurate, plastic urethane molded pack in the works that a friend and I will be done with in about a week or two... It's very unconventional, but it has weight to it, and lights and sounds that my friend came up with (wish we knew of the GBFans soundboard before, or I would have went with that), and it didn't cost me a complete fortune to build, so that will keep me satisfied for the next year or two of conventions, Halloweens, costume parties and charity work... As they say, do what makes you happy, and have fun with it! =D
By abaka

I've been looking at your Gb2 costume....Considering you're having an accurate GB2 style belt made by Dergrundel....Accuracy is important to you, just from looking at the Gizmo holster you have on your belt in those photos. It isn't accurate, the GB2 gizmo holsters are slightly smaller and have a longer band.

Jairus made a template of one a while back, you might find it if you search. Just thought I'd point that out.
By PssdffJay
Haha, that was just a photo to show off the suit. The belt in that photo was the gbfans one. I'm actually having trouble contacting Dergrundle about the belt for any updates. The gizmo holster was an extra one I had and threw it on for the photo too. I'm waiting for a certain person to start making a gb2 holster and then it will be replaced.

I'm working on another of Doug's gizmo kits for it with the gb2 type daughter board. Even if it isn't accurate for the second movie, I still want to have it for that suit too.

Thanks for keeping me straight though! I am trying to go as accurate as possible and you all have been here way longer and seen much more than I have. I appreciate all the tips!
By abaka
Have you tried making one yourself? I had Dergrundel make one for me...and personally it's not that difficult to make...You can buy the materials from for cheap price and it's just probably needs to be machine sewed but still easy enough to try.

I bought enough supplies for 5 belts a few weeks ago and I'm getting a member of my group to stitch them (he has a sewing machine)
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