I figured I would get one going like everybody else instead of crowding other people's threads with my progress...

First of all, my GB1 flight suit has yet to arrive... Originally ordered from Amazon when GBFans Shop was Out of Stock, but once GBFans received stock and Amazon had yet to deliver, I cancelled my order on Amazon and ordered here... Should be here tomorrow, but in the meantime, I made a jacket from a Tru-Spec Tactical Shirt (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004ULCM6U/)...


For now, here are the items I've received so far...

GB1 Stuff:


GB2 Stuff: (Note that all I could find was a Lifegard IV, but it was fairly cheap, and it actually works... really REALLY loud...)

Matty Stuff:

Miscellaneous Stuff:
(Got both MT500 radios together for $30 on eBay, and they even came with the extra microphone dongles, which I will probably never use... but still, $30 for two is a steal)

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Something extra I picked up on eBay... Not sure if it's an original... It looks serialized, it's the right size (27x41), with some evident stains and rips on the edges, it surely looks like something that was preserved from the early 80's... It wasn't too expensive either, about $50+, which kind of leads me to believe it "might" be a fake, since all the other originals are $200+, but otherwise, I am quite happy with it... Fake or not, it looks great, and I didn't break the bank for it...

So, received my black Tru-Specs first, for some reason, so I thought I'd give the dying process a go... Needless to say, it was a fail... Will attempt to do it again this weekend, but all the stores nearby are sold out... The closest Walmart that has stock is about an hour away, so will make that trip this weekend, since I have to go to the bank anyways, which is even farther (yay, life living in the middle of nowhere)...

Anywho, here's my progress... Mind you, the photos are calibrated in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to try to show the exact colors (however, if your monitor is not even near calibrated, it still won't come out right)


First Bleach Cycle:

Second Bleach Cycle did nothing, so here it is after...
Third Bleach Cycle:

A lot better, so then I attempted the RIT Color Remover... No luck, no change... Hmmm... Well, I'm out of RIT, so figured I'd try a really hot cycle (shut off the cold water and added a pot of boiling water along with all the left over bleach I had left)...
Final Cycle (Out of Supplies):

It didn't look too bad, so out of desperation (and the fact I had a lot of dye for two batches), I figured I'd give the dye process a try and see where I'll end up... Worst case scenario, I just end up buying another batch of Bleach and RIT Color Remover... I still have enough Dye left for another go anyways, so that won't go to waste... Only thing I'm afraid of is this month's water bill... LOL!

After Dye Process:

Well, that was a complete fail... I'm back to black... Sigh... Well, it was worth a try...

In the end, I found out the problem... my wife and kids were using the hot water in their bath... so while I was checking the hot water as it was pouring in to the washed, I failed to check the water once it stopped filling and before I threw the suit in... My mistake, lesson learned...

Wish me luck this weekend, hopefully it works out!
Yes, the suit is dry... Didn't want to place a wet flight suit on the floor/rug... LOL! Can't remember the gloves, I pretty much searched "Chemical Gloves" on Amazon and picked the cheapest one...
Well thats strange. I had hopped it was just because it was wet that it looked black again.

I'd give it a few more regular washes, laundry detergent, dryer, then do it again. Try to do other laundry at the same time to conserve on the water. Then do the 2 packs of RIT remover with just enough water to cover the suit, not the full washer. Empty, new water. Then do 2 more packs of RIT remover. Then wash. Then bleach, and maybe let it sit in the bleach water for 15 minutes before running the cycle. Thats what I did, but I was having trouble with the bleach part and ended up bleaching 3 times and used a whole bottle. But the RIT remover at the beginning really worked for me. I can't say for sure, I started with the Navy suit like I said in that other thread, but the colour removing procedure should transfer across.
Yeah, I'm planning to soak the sucker in hot RIT Color Remover solution for like 20 minutes, and then throw it in a Hot Washer... Hopefully, it doesn't shrink anymore... It started off fairly large, and now it fits perfectly... Anymore shrinkage, and I'm afraid it might end up being uncomfortable to wear...

On the bright side, if this doesn't work, I can just purchase Lunchbox's premade gray GB2 suits, and then use this one as a RGB Venkman uniform, because it's the perfect brown color
BOOM!!! I think I got it! Soaked it in scalding hot water and RIT color remover for 30 minutes in a bucket, dumped all the contents of the bucket in the washer, turned off the cold water, filled it up, then dumped a kettle of hot water into it for good measure, and this is what I got!

There it is! That's close to what mine looked like at that stage. Now, I only used my iPhone, didn't use a grey card and my lighting started giving me a weird colour shift, but that's really close to what mine looked like.

Are you leaving the flap on your left arm on?
I think so, it might be useful... I'm not aiming for dead on accuracy, but I'd at least like to get the color right! The reason I used a gray card/color calibration system, is so others can use them for reference... Unfortunately, I kinda screwed it up, but it should still be helpful... I understand that you are also into photography?
Yes, but I didn't even think about busting out my gear to shoot... my gear...

Once I have my pack done, I'll setup a full seamless or even do some lit environmental portraits. That's more my forte, studio lighting out of the studio.
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Awesome! I love playing with High-Speed Sync Flash in sunlit environments!

Nikon or Canon? I'm a Canon user myself, because I love their L-Series Lenses, but I don't bash on Nikon, they're a wonderful company as well...
I'm a Canon guy as well. Fantastic lenses. But I had a lemon with my last 7D so I sold it and actually switched to a Fuji x100s. Plus I shoot a lot of medium format film. If I could take canon lenses and stick them on a Nikon body, I would be happy.
Yeah, all of the above photos were taken with my baby - Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II... Got it on Amazon over the last Cyber Monday for $800 off! That was an amazing deal!
Well, this is about as light as I can get it... Dye process is complete, suit is in the dryer right now after the final wash... Hoping all goes well... It always looks darker when it is wet, so hopefully it lightens up after it dries, because it looks kinda dark.... Maybe I'm overdoing the dye phase... But I'm doing two 10 minute dye sessions, just like Jarius and Lunchbox suggested, so I really don't know what I might be doing wrong... *Fingers Crossed... again...*

My GB1 Khaki Tru-Specs finally arrived!!! Woot woot!!!


And, so people don't ask "Do Ghostbusters not smile?," here you go... LOL!

Well, my GB2 suit is done with the dying process... Looks a lot better than my previous attempt, but also looks a little too dark... I guess it'll fade over time, but I posted it on Lunchbox's thread (http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 31&start=0) to ask his expert opinion...

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I'm afraid to do some minor bleaching to force it, so I'll let it fade on its own and leave it as is... Thanks!
A couple of regular washes and it'll lighten up. That's how mine looks in real life, but shows more blue when photographing it. Well done!

It's coming together! Any luck on a trap yet?
Sigh... Nope... Chevy was offering it for $300 yesterday, but I was beat by one guy by like an hour or two because it was the middle of the night and I was asleep...
New stuff! Thought I'd have a little fun while I was at it, too! =P

Matty Ecto Goggles:

Matty Ghost Trap: (About damned time!!! Oh, and installed a real ribbon cable, too!)

And some fun with Photoshop... =P
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Yep, had to represent The Chive! Anything Bill Murray supports, I'm all for it! CHIVE ON!

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No new uniform update yet... Holsters from Wharin coming soon, as well as Franchesky's Matty Trap Holster... Also waiting on my GB2 Nametag from Pepi on Bonanza... apparently he ran out of material and won't have them by this week... *Crossing Fingers*

Anywho... NEW STUFF!!!

GB2 Movie Poster: (Again, not sure if authentic, but still looks great)

Other New Arrivals: (4K Blu-ray, Total Containment, and LUCY!!!)

LUCY!!!: (I love Kotobukiya products! Would spend many hours in their main store in Akihabara when I used to live in Japan)
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Hooray!!! Pepi sent my GB2 Nametag today! I can finally finish my GB2 Flightsuit!
Jacket update!!!

With GB Fans Harold Ramis Memorial Pin (design by Dr. Stanz Jr.):

And with Harold Ramis Memorial Patch from Katarra8 on Etsy:
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GB2 Patch came in (Patch courtesy of Pepi on Bonanza.com)! I like the fit of this flight suit better... Same size as my khaki suit, but shrunk due to the dying process, and now it fits like a glove!

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