Well, I finally bit the bullet and jumped in at the deep end with my Egon build...

After bouncing around ideas for Egon's uniform, I wanted to stay true to the cartoon feel of the uniforms, but bring some more movie styling into the build... so using one of the TruSpec suits and dying it, however troublesome, seemed to be the best option.

Knowing the suit was a 70/30 PolyCotton blend, I decided to work on the polyester fibers first... which meant diving in with a boiling dye bath... so it was all or nothing here... using Idye turquoise, i chose a lighter shade as the flightsuit was already khaki, and didn't want the end result to be too dark.


So I started the boil, added the dye sachet and colour intensifier stuff... oddly enough the dye didn't stink out my kitchen, which was a pleasant surprise lol

So once the Idye goop had boiled, I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers, toes, and any other appendage I could, and dunked in the suit...


Boiling the suit for an hour while constantly stirring was possibly the most nerve-wrecking hour ever... though my nerves quickly turned from apprehension to hope as the dye started to do its work...


But now, after an hour, the suit was taken out, strained off and hosed down... here's a before, after, and intended colour shot to give you some idea...


Obviously the suit is still wet currently, so I'm hoping it will come out a few shades lighter when it does, but overall I'm definitely happy with the first steps on my Egon build and ready to call this experiment a success :D
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By methos2523
it's in the wash currently with the cotton dye set... hopefully that should take away the yellow tint it gets when it's under lighting...

fingers crossed, then it's time for drying and to get the patches on before the pink fabric attack lol
By methos2523
thanks... this is my first big build since i did my Goblin King last year...


i'm a stickler for details, so i'm really throwing my all into this before i get started on the proton pack at the end of the month lol
By methos2523
Well, here's the finished suit... complete with patches, ready for the pink collar and cuffs to be done at the weekend :D


I know the GB badge is about half an inch low, I'll reposition it soon after trying it on and making sure it sits right... but overall, really happy with today's progress :D
By methos2523
going to be a long haul for this one... still trying to source some good glasses for it while the missus screams at the curled pompadour wig lol

then at the end of the month it's time to start on the pack :D
By PssdffJay
Colour looks fantastic!

If your spengler patch isnt already sewed on, I would reposition it. Its very high and too far away from the zipper.

Cant wait to see the pink details.
By methos2523
it is sewn on, but it's no problem to reposition it... i need to reposition the GB badge anyway...

I'm just trying to decide on a shade of pink now to do the collar and cuffs with lol

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By pyhasanon
Looms awesome! I'm jealous, would love to build a RGB flightsuit! Definitely following this...
By methos2523
thanks... i was nervous as hell starting this project, but really loving it now i'm making headway into it...

almost pity the missus though, she's the one making the wig for me lol
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By pyhasanon
methos2523 wrote:Image
Aw, man, good question... Both would look great, but somehow, I like the brighter louder hot pink...
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By Grimmy GB
methos2523 wrote:thanks... this is my first big build since i did my Goblin King last year...


i'm a stickler for details, so i'm really throwing my all into this before i get started on the proton pack at the end of the month lol
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