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By Chris Brewin
Hi all!

I've been trying to find a checklist of kit for my GB1-inspired uniform but haven't found one in the forums yet, so I hope this helps others new to the company. I realise that each franchise probably has its own list of stuff they want their members to have, but I figured I'd take the time to itemise what I've learned to be the generic kit list. I've also included where I'm sourcing all of my stuff from. If I'm missing key pieces, let me know and I'll edit this post and add them to the list.

1st "Layer":
Khaki pants - Wal-Mart, Thrift Shop, Target etc
Black shirt - I already have one, but I'd go to the above places if I didn't.
Combat boots - already own thanks to being a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. They're not perfect, but only people like us would know the difference.

2nd "Layer":
Grey/khaki flight suit - Purchased @ GBFans shop
Name tape - Purchased @ GBFans shop
No-Ghost logo patch - Purchased @ GBFans shop (also available from Anovos)
Hose coupler (tan) - Purchased @ GBFans shop
Hose (yellow) - Purchased @ GBFans shop
Elbow pads - will purchase from GBFans shop
Chemical gloves - Purchased @ GBFans shop

Belt and associated kit:
Belt - Purchased @ GBFans shop
Assorted fobs - will be purchasing from Tyger Cheex in the next day or two. I'm also getting his hose connector fob.
Gizmo holster - not sure yet
PKE meter holster - might make own, or get one from a member here
Trap holster - will probably get here
Radio holster - will find a member here making them, or make it myself

Other tools:
Gizmo - probably get one of the kits here, if the franchise I want to join "demands" I have one
Radio - still trying to figure that out...
Proton Pack - pre-ordered Anovos' replica *crossed fingers I get it and it doesn't suck*
PKE meter - either going to 3D print the shell and add electrics or scour the internet for a Matty one under $300
Trap - going to make the bulk of the trap using balsa according to the plans here then add accent parts either from here or 3D printed
Goggles - will buy the Matty ones here

I really hope this checklist helps newcomers to the company and maybe it'll get pinned to stay at the top. If you've got "extras" of something on this list that I haven't bought yet, PM me and we'll try to work something out! And like I said earlier, if I'm missing anything, let me know and I'll try to edit the post so that the complete list can be read right at the first post.
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