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By Chris Brewin
Hello again!

If you've seen in my GB1 uniform checklist I think you'll agree that having stand as it's own thread is a good idea. So, I thought I'd do a separate thread or 5 for my progress on the various bits. As I get to parts that fit in other categories, I'll be sure to link them all together as many others have. So. Here's my checklist (pardon the mostly copy-and-pasted-ness). I've made a couple of updates from my other post.

1st "Layer":
Khaki pants - Wal-Mart, Target, etc.
Black shirt - Wal-Mart, Target, etc.
Combat boots - The right boots are from Corcoran but I've used the steel-toed combat boots issued to RCAF flight-line personnel.

2nd "Layer":
Grey/khaki flight suit - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Name tape - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
No-Ghost logo patch - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Hose coupler (tan) - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Hose (yellow) - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Elbow pads - Will purchase @ GBFans shop.
Chemical gloves - Purchased @ GBFans shop.

Belt and associated kit:
Belt - Purchased @ GBFans shop.
Assorted fobs - purchased from Tyger Cheex.
Gizmo holster - I'll make my own.
PKE meter holster - I'm making my own custom one.
Trap holster - I think I'm going to pack-mount mine with a tried-and-true v-hook.
Radio holster - will find a member here making them, or make it myself.

Other tools:
Gizmo - I'll make my own.
Radio - still trying to figure that out...
Proton Pack - Going to buy BenofKent Props' kit.
PKE meter - It was a bit of a long story.
Trap - I'll build my own.
Goggles - Purchased @ GBFans shop. See here for my refinishing thread.

My first package from GBFans came in the mail a few days ago...

Just the basics; flightsuit, patch and belt. The next package has the gloves and name tape. The third will have hose and connector. Since the elbow pads have such a long wait time, they'll be bought later.

Now... what I'm really proud of (if PayPal will stop being silly)...

Quite happy I didn't have to pay $400-$4000!

Anyway. That's where things stand so far. As more stuff arrives, I'll add more. Thanks for reading!
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By Chris Brewin
Good new first? Or bad? I'll give you the bad news first so that the good news can cheer you up after.

Bad news is PayPal wasn't being very cooperative and while I won the auction on the PKE meter, PayPal wouldn't let me pay for the item, so it's back on a search I go.

The hose and hose connector have shipped. Tyger Cheex's fobs have shipped. Still waiting on the nametape and gloves though. They should ship next week, fingers crossed.
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By Chris Brewin
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I was lucky enough to find another PKE on ebay... it started out at $50 US but after over 30 bids it ended up going for just $235... to your's truly! I'm stoked to get it. I'll be making the holster myself out of nylon webbing (that backpack strap stuff) once I get it. I'll likely do a customization thread as I'm going to be installing the PKEnhanced sound mod once version 2 is available again. Still waiting on fobs and such. Should be here by the end of the week, if the blizzard from Hoth we're having here in Nova Scotia Canada ever lets up.
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By Chris Brewin
Just back from the post office and found these pretty little things waiting in my mail box...


Thanks again to Tyger Cheex for making such amazing fobs and offering them at such a great price, too. No way I could have made them as well for less than $50 CAD that I paid for them, shipping included. And despite 4 days of snow storms in my area, they were still here within a week and a half.

The next thing that should be coming is my hose and connector. My gloves and name tag keep getting delayed and I've sent an email asking about it. We'll see.

Then it'll be the PKE meter. Speaking of, I think I'm going to build my own custom holster for it. You can check out my idea for it here... viewtopic.php?f=43&t=42977
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By Glenn Frederick
Look like it's coming along very nicely.

I have to say collecting the first parts of the Uniform was the most fun I had when I started searching for items.

There's nothing like putting it all on for the first time! :cool:
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By Chris Brewin
Alrighty! Bit of a big update... the hose and connector came in and (it took a few days) I got it attached to my flight suit.

I decided to go with the magnetic connection type for the hose... I went out and got a pack of 1/2" magnets and some Krazy Glue. Since the 1/2" magnets weren't going to fit inside the hose, I figured I might just need the others that came in the pack as spares, so I stuck them all together and marked one side with an "I" for "inside" (as in 'facing the inside of the connector hole') so that I don't get the polarity mixed up. After some careful (read "I almost glue my fingers together - three times") application of Krazy to the end of the hose, it worked out pretty well...


I did some stress tests and it'll hold up; but I'll still be packing the glue and more magnets with me when I go to conventions, just in case.

I tried fitting the magnets inside the connector. It wasn't a perfect fit and with the bottom of the hose hole being a bit rounded, KrazyGlue wasn't doing anything. So I figured I needed some extra stuffing or padding around it. I grabbed a rubber glove, like the one's doctors and painters use (I could have used Saran Wrap if I had any), and cut out a small piece. I wrapped it around the magnet and slid it into the connector to see if it fit. And it did. So well that it's now friction stuck to the bottom of the hose hole! Yay for accidents working out in your favour!


You'll see a little black mark in one of the dots. I wanted to sew the connector down, but I missed or forgot that I had read a review which mentioned that the holes weren't drilled. Well, I'm currently staying in a sort-of bachelor apartment-style guest housing away from home while I do a course for work and don't have any tools or much work-space; thus, I needed to come up with another plan. I used Gorilla Glue to attach a Velcro patch to the bottom of the connector; however, I wasn't even in my application of it and there's one edge that's a little loose. The Sharpie mark is there to remind me which side to not pull the connector off for fear of ripping off the patch...


Then it was a simple matter of attaching the loop side to the flight-suit...


It might look a little low but, seeing as I'm using the GBFans Shop's Tru Spec suit and not the Nomex, I don't have that thigh pocket to use as a guide. I plan on hanging my PKE or goggles on that side, so I wanted the connector low enough as to limit the chances of them knocking together.

Next step was to measure and cut the hose. I placed the hose fob I got from Tyger Cheex in the center back seam area and took up enough slack in the hose for it to hang at about knee-level. Then I shoved the blank that comes with the fob as far into the hose as I could get it (and it's not coming off any time soon)...


Then put it all back on and tried it out...


I know, I know, "Suck in that gut, you're a Ghostbuster!"


Then I realised I hadn't taken a picture with my boots on...


I'll look happier in my pictures once my Ghostbusters of British Columbia patch and name tag come in, but they're in the mail so not too long now! *squeeeee* LOL

As for what's next?

Well, my PKE meter arrived at my house the other day. I've got a friend who's going to stop by and pick it up for me and take some pictures of it so I can send the Ebay seller feedback. I plan to build a custom holster for it.

As I mentioned, the other two patches are in the mail along with the chemical gloves.

I'll likely order the elbow pads in a few weeks along with the ecto goggles; both will be ordered from the Shop.

Once I get home I'll start building my trap. I'm currently saving up for a BenofKent Props proton pack kit and I'm trying to figure out which electronics kit to get.

The franchise I'm joining isn't too fussed about screen accuracy, so I'm biding my time/am not too worried about the belt gizmo or radio. If any come along for a great deal, I'll see how the money gods are treating me.

That's it for now... more pics once I get the last patches and gloves.

Thanks all!
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By Chris Brewin
My franchise patch came in yesterday and I got it sewed on. My name tag and gloves are due any day now.

I've decided to go back and edit my first post with links to all of the GBFans Shop pages, For Sale posts and separate threads for my sources and how I put it all together. My hope is that the first post of this thread can lead future ghostheads to the right place (or a place) to start putting their kit together. The edit should be done by the end of the day.
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By Chris Brewin
Hello again!

As promised, I've updated the first post to have links to all the store/facebook pages for purchasing, or to get you on the way to purchasing. I've also added links to the build threads I have started so far. Once I get the stuff for other builds ordered/received (like the gizmo), I'll make new threads in the appropriate sections but have them all linked to the first post.

Now for real updates!

The "last" of the packages for my first wave of collection arrived FINALLY! Got the name tag sewn on and tucked my gloves in my belt...




Now on to the "what's next" part of my update...

I've got my PKE meter at home and I'll be making a leather or webbing-based custom holster for it when I get back

I've finally found an inexpensive way to do a semi-decent belt gizmo. I'll be buying Nickatron's gizmo kit, using a printout of the circuit board and some paint to detail it then I'll be adding some LEDS and a battery compartment and daughter-board connection. If I do the custom PKE holster out of leather, I'll buy enough to make my own holster for the gizmo.

After that, it'll be a while before I can start building my trap and pack, but in the meantime I'll be doing more in-depth planning for all the kit I'd like to add to my prospective Ecto-mobile.
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By star-Spengler-banner

Connecting the tube to a key fob and adding magnets is a great strategy. I've got to look into those proton pack kits!
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By Chris Brewin
Hey all!

I did my own group-buy for Harold Ramis Memorial patches thanks to the help of a bunch of folks off of Facebook. I also got some extra birthday money and discovered that the elbow pads were back in stock, so I took the opportunity to order them.


If any of you are going to get... "anxious" about me doing my own run, let me try to put some of your concerns at ease. I tried to contact the artist to get permission first. I also replied to the original thread about them and put a "Wanted" post up in the Buy-and-Sell section and got nowhere. So I copied the picture from the thread and went to Ghostbusters International on Facebook to organise the group-buy. I asked $10 USD per patch. $2ish went to the cost of the patch, a bunch (about $7 CAD) went to shipping (and shipping supplies) and the rest of the balance will be going to the Vasculitis Foundation, so I figure I made good on the "fair use" caveat of copyright stuff. I still have a bunch and am willing to swap for other pins/patches.

I also finally figured out how I wanted to deal with the ankle cuffs of my pants. I went with a straight-leg pair of khaki pants underneath (not a perfect match to the khaki of the Tru-Spec suit from here, but I don't think Dr. Stanz's pants matched so no biggie), which get tucked into the boots. I then bloused the pants of the flight-suit. If you wanna know what blousing pants is all about, I can add step-by-step pics if needed. I'm pretty happy with the look and it's comfortable, too, seeing as there's only fabric from the snug pants in the boots rather than all the bulk of the pockets and zippers from the cuffs of the pants.

I think I like the sleeves rolled up look, but I'm sure that'll change depending on temperature conditions wherever I happen to be.



Also, a buddy made me a pin as part of my birthday present...


I think I'll be getting the ecto-goggles soon.
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By BobaTone
The suit looks awesome mate, and you look well on the way to being fully decked out. I look forward to seeing your Trap and Proton Pack builds come along too.
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