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By Toddbobbentley
I just picked up a few more items, pke meter, trap, gb1 gizmo, etc. but I remembered I never posted any with the pack... I got new straps for the pack I feel like the color is too green. I have two custom patches but I don't care for either so I went with Venkman it fits the best with the pack straps.. I picked up a new khaki web belt with the buckle front... a pke meter which I've had a holster for.. and also the gb1 gizmo... so once all that comes in and gets assembled I'll post more pictures any suggestions or input to help me make this better feel free! Thanks for looking!
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By Toddbobbentley
I'm not 100% on which shell was used as I purchased this as a commission build and the builder isn't on these forums as far as I know. His name is Deon Alexander though he did a really nice job and the price was just right.

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