By mrgrzesk
Hi everybody, this is my first post. I purchased a spirit Halloween pack, and ours frame, some upgrade parts off eBay etc. I am looking for a flight suit. I am 5 foot 11, about 310 pounds. I have like a 58 inch chest. I’m having a very hard time finding a flight suit, does anyone have any recommendations or possibly a link to where I could purchase one ? Also looking for a pistol belt, that will fit me, probably 52 inch? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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By Noremon
No idea on the the suit, but GBFans Shop recommends hooking 2 pistol belts together for larger waists.
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By redfive1973
Don't know if anyone makes a flight suit in the size you are needing. I can relate though (54 inch chest myself) but as an alternative Red Kap does make larger size coveralls. Granted not the flight suit but I have several pairs for various kits and they are very comfortable. Even takes dye well as I took a white pair and dyed them flamingo pink for my wife. As above mentioned two pistol belts linked together work and the link can be hidden with gear.
By GK45
I am a similar build to you but keep more of my weight in my stomach so a slightly smaller chest, somewhere around 54.
I got the 3x Truspec and it fits fine, a little snug in the stomach when I sit down though.
As I said, my chest is smaller, stomach a bit bigger and I would say, 4-5 inches to spare in the chest. I can stick my hand in sideways without much resistance.
I would say a 3x truspec should be just big enough, though it might be a bit tight.

As for the belt, I got 2, though I did something a bit different with them. Instead of sizing them separately I kind of combined them.
I took one belt and extended it to the maximum length, then took the other and over shortened it, so that the underside was longer than the over side.
Then I combined them so that the lower side connected to the... you know what I'll just show you. Larger Image in the link and a 2nd with a closer view.
Yeah, basically that, it brings the connection towards the side so that you can hang the gloves over it and hide it.
I use one of the belt fobs to keep hook from slipping when not wearing it and then a bit of string or clear tape on the "buckle" just so it doesn't fall apart when putting it on.
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By WindDrake
I'm 6'10" 305lbs. I ended up going with a custom G&B Suit as absolutely nothing out there is made for dudes my size.

On the belt front - the GB2 belt fits bigger dudes pretty well - I've got a 42" waist and the belt should be good to 58".
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I’m 6”1 289. I’ve just bought the flight suit they sell right here in a 3XL I did need a second belt. Plenty of room in the stomach arms and legs.

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