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By DarkSpectre
In the fan film "Return of the Ghostbusters" one of the leads wears OD since they went for an RGB feel and When I started the Knoxville Ghostbusters back in '06 one of our guys wore OD. It looks good, man
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By EgonMacGyver
One last post on the final Costume W/Trap
Looks great, Necro! In fact, it inspired me, as well. I have a pair of "spruce green" (really, it's hunter green) coveralls that I bought for a *very* specific thing a few years ago and only ever wore once. It's not an actual flight suit, but it looks mighty close, so I'm going to get a logo and a name patch for it. Pics when it's done!
By Greywolf
There is a group in Virginia that I want to join but the required you to have a kaki jumpsuit. Well the problem with me is I'm 6ft4in tall and about 315lbs. I can't find one that's kaki that fits but I found a black on that works. I'm thinking about getting it and just finding a group that will accept it.

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