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By mike_waclo
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Hey crew, I just made an ebay purchase, and I thought I'd share here, since I'd never seen these before this point. A seller on has some actual grey pistol belts for sale! I was fairly certain I'd receive a dyed belt in the mail, but for $20, I thought I'd take a chance.

When it arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that he was telling the truth... This was made from actual grey fabric! Or at least if they were dyed, it was done very professionally... There are no signs of uneven color, or blank spots on the back where things overlapped, like I've always gotten when I self-dyed. I think it may be a vintage product, as it feels a lot heavier than the previous Rothco belts I'd purchased to dye. It even has a little rubber cap on the end of the sizing hook, to prevent the numerous scrapes I'd received from other belts.



It's definitely a little darker than the on-screen belt, but I like the more neutral tone to it... certainly less purple-ish than the Rit-dyed ones I'd made (the top two in the bottom picture) and it matches the GBfans elbow pads a bit better.

There are still a few left available on the auction page, so I thought I'd pass along here, in case anyone's still tinkering with their uniform like I always seem to be. ... 3768772155
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By wpugh24
thanks again for the update
I went ahead and purchased one while I was on vacation
should be there when I get back and we shall see what its like

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