By EgonMacGyver
I built my first Ghostbsuters suit in 2006 and used a white Rothco canvas pistol belt for it. It's 13 years old and in need of a wash. Can I just put it in the washer, or is there a better way to launder it?
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By Glenn Frederick
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I've found pistol belts eyelets rust really fast so if you plan on washing it try to dry it as fast as you can.

And If it's still white don't use bleach as it will make the steel rust even more.
By EgonMacGyver
Thanks, Glenn! Don't suppose I should put it in the dryer, then, should I?
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By Glenn Frederick
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I've put one in the dryer before but the metal hits so you have to wrap it in something before you put it in the dryer. other than that it should be fine using a dryer.

I ended up using a hair dryer but it still rusted on me, not to bad but the parts that rust are the inside of the eyelets so you can't see it except it bleeds through the canvas material and leaves stains.
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By Theoderic
yeah, that rust-issue is definately a thing with these pistol-belts, that's gonna happen way too fast, so avoiding humidity on then as much as possible is strongly advised.

On the other hand a tiny bit of rust may be even quite accurate, since it happened to the real screen-used equipment as well, as can be told from closer looks to some specific images. Even the belts worn on the actual movieposter-shooting (which i guess happened somewhat before the actual filming with the gear/uniforms had even started) show some traces of rust around the pistol-belt eyelets. :-? i'd say: worry a bit, but not too much. 8)

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