I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the details up close.
I've only ever had Nomex suits so this is a huge step up.

Still haven't decided if I'll be using the Noghost or replacing it with the Todd Cook Stantz patch.
It looks very close but it all comes down to the stitch pattern on the red border.
I haven't been able to make out how spot on it is from the pics we've seen so far.
I'll have a mini review over the next couple of days compared to the trusty nomex.
I had the Vaccine yesterday and its kicking my ass today so it'll be tomorrow at the earliest although heres some innitial thoughts.

The noghost, on inspection does have the border stitching that I was looking for so I'll be keeping it on there.
The felt of the ghost is a nice off white, not as stark as you usually see which looks good against the suit.
Both of the patches are also nice and thin and flexible with no stiffness so they conform to the suit as the originals did.

The fit is spot on to Nomex sizing assuming you go for a standard size so it fits like a glove based on the old rule of thumb of going up two sizes from your chest measurement as I do with nomex suits leaving just enough bagginess for that accurate look.

The fabric is thicker than nomex so it feels substantial but being cotton it's also nice and breathable which is nice after years of con sweat in nomex suits.

overall construction is great, very well putt together in terms of stitching and zippers which feel solid without snags or catches, a nice bright brass colour on them too.

It's amazing to finally have the ripstop, just brings a smile to my face to see it on there and the colour of the suit is fantastic.
Not as bright khaki as a nomex, yet not grey either.
Somewhere in between as we saw on ZedR's pic of the screen used suit.
I feel this is very close to the original in that regard, although it'll be difficult to photograph accurately as we all know.
Even in person it shifts with various lighting as you'd expect.
As you can see in my pic above where the room was lit in warm amber lighting from salt lamps where the suit itself looks much warmer than it actually is.
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I've changed my mind again and decided to go with the Todd Cook patch :whatever:
You'll see why soon.

Here's a brief review of the new Magnoli clothiers GB1 ripstop flightsuit.

All of these photos were taken in natural light, However I'm no photographer so I was never going to be able to accurately capture the true colour.
The best I can do in that regard is explain as it appears to the naked eye.
You'll also see in some of these pics that it looks very close in colour to the nomex suit (Nomex on the left, Magnoli on the right)
In person though this was not the case.
The Nomex by comparison is actually quite a bit warmer in hue with a more reddish or yellow tone in certain lights where as the Magnoli is much more muted khaki, leaning more to the grey side.


I'll start with the details the Magnoli suit has which a nomex lacks.

Ripstop fabric


Side zip pockets

Including internal lining as seen on the screen used Stantz suit

Accurate cuff closures


Pen pocket on the right shin pocket


no flap over the left arm pen pocket


Polished brass zippers


The fabric:
Thicker and more substantial feeling than nomex yet breathable due to it being cotton.
so should be far more comfortable in the heat and better able to help wick away any sweat unlike the saunaesque properties of nomex we've all come to "love" :P
It's very comfortable as a result of this.

Assuming you go with a standard size this is a 1:1 match to nomex sizing.
For example, I wear a 42S nomex because I'm a shortass and ordered the same from Magnoli.
The fit is identical.
Given that you have the correct size using the two sizes up from your chest measurement rule of thumb, it gives you just the right amount of room and bagginess for that screen accurate look.

A muted greyish khaki tone in person.
Very close to that of the pics shown by ZedR of his screen used stantz suit.
The following pics show how differing lighting can affect the colour.

This pic was taken in direct light when the daylight was unobstructed by cloud, giving it a much brighter appearance.
You'll also see a nice wee easter egg which was added to the label.


the next two pics were taken right after when the clouds had rolled in making the light less harsh.
These images are much closer to how the suit appears in person but still not quite there.


Quality of construction:
No complaints here, this is a premium flightsuit in every sense of the word and you more than get your moneys worth.
Every stitch and seam is well executed with reinforcement added where its needed (and where it's accurate) the YKK zippers and pulls are a nice bright polished brass and feel pretty robust with no snagging issues to report.
The extra thickness this material has gives it a real feeling of substance and quality without feeling heavy but there is a marked difference to nomex, which feels tissue thin by comparison.

The patches are very well made, nice and thin which makes them conform to the suit as it moves, giving an accurate appearance which can be lacking in thicker patches with less give.

The NoGhost patch. (compared to the Todd Cook Stantz)


First of all, this is a great patch and certainly one of the most accurate offering available out there.
I especially like the more off white tone of the felt which makes up the ghost.
I actually prefer that to the Todd Cook patches more stark appearance (as new) by comparison.
However it doesn't quite reach the level of the Uber accurate Todd Cook Designs patch for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, it is slightly oversized by around 6mm.
Not a huge deal I know but I'm trying to give as accurate information as possible.

Secondly, the red border.
While it does appear to have the correct thread pattern, on close inspection the thread is much thinner and as a result the border lacks the dimension and overall appearance and hand made feel of the screen used patch, instead being much closer to that of the border on the GB2 patch.

The TCD patch on top for size reference

Final verdict:

This suit is by far the closest we've ever gotten to what appeared onscreen.
It may be a good deal more expensive than a nomex or other alternatives which are still fantastic options but this is very much a case once again of you get what you pay for.
There really is no comparison based on quality alone.
The ripstop cotton, the colour, the added details missing from other commercially available offerings all add up to make this suit something really special and a perfect addition for anyone who likes to deep dive on their builds and go that extra mile.

Is it perfect?
No but as my only real issue was with the patch which lets face it, is a bonus compared to the suit when we already have such accurate patches available, all things considered its damn close.
And certainly much closer than we've ever gotten.
If I had one negative to mention it would be that my suit didn't come with the leghose connector which is why it wasn't part of this mini review.
I hadn't planned to use it out of personal preference for another connector but I would be remiss not to mention that although in an effort to be fair the one other person who I've seen receive a suit did get a connector with his.
I informed Indy Magnoli of the oversight so hopefully I'm an isolated case for those who wanted to have that particular part.

If I've left anything out that you wanted to know, feel free to ask.
Now i just can't wait until we can go out to events again and show these off with the rest of our gear, hopefully soon :)
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Great review, though a shame on the leg hose connector. I’m interested to see what the final product looked like on that. Also glad to hear that the sizing is spot on with the nomex sizing. When I ordered mine you no longer select your size at purchase, they contact you when they get to it. I wear a 42L in my nomex and my measurements put me there again but I wasn’t sure if I should go to 44L to get that extra bit of bagginess.
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Yeah it would have been nice to have it just to show it in detail.
From what I saw it looks pretty much the same as it looked on the prototype suit.
I have a really nice accurate one on the way from Heavy Props in my prefered colour so I'll probably throw a pic up once it arrives, hopefully these suits will start showing up with everyone really soon and we'll get a good look at it there.

Thats good to know about the sizing for folks who are ordering now are they still going by standard sizes with the option for custom or is it all just measurement based now?
I always go two sizes up for that bagginess, made the mistake of using my actual size when I bought my first suit and it just felt way too constricting, especially with a pack on.
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Right now when you order it just says they’ll contact you about sizing when they are ready to make it. If you go on the website the sizing chart isn’t even on there anymore. Thankfully I had taken a screenshot of it prior when I was doing my measurements so I could compare. Though I’m sure they’ll provide that chart when they start working on it.
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Looks like they're already getting the ball rolling on mine, they emailed me to ask for measurements. For anyone who orders now this is how it's being done, either off a jumpsuit you already own or off a pair of pants and jackets. They provide pictures so you know exactly where and how to measure. They make it very easy and you just paste your numbers into whichever set of measurements you use.

What I did find interesting is I took the measurements off my 42L nomex suit and I compared it to the sizing chart that was on the website at the time when I initially did my measurements and it wasn't even close to the 42L on that chart. The nomex I have fits very well, though could be a little baggier in the chest/waist area so I made sure to include that in the comments about my measurements.
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It arrived today! Very impressed by the build quality, and the fit is spot-on. Not much I can say that RedSpecial didn't already cover, but I'm super happy with the end result, and I'll definitely be getting a GB2 Gray version.


I love the color of this, and it's kind of unreal how wrongly yellow the TruSpec suit looks now... Like how I always pictured a Rothco looking.

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Michael Scott wrote: March 23rd, 2021, 11:06 am Did you opt not to get the hose connector? I’m curious to see their version.
I did get their hose connector, but I'm glad I opted not to have it attached. It's a dark piece of molded rubber, and cut off roughly on the back side. There aren't any sewing holes punched in it.



Here it is with my EctoLabs version, which is what I'm going to use with this suit:

RedSpecial wrote:How does the fabric weight compare to the truspec?
I think the fabric actually feels a bit heavier, but is also a little bit of a looser knit, so I think it'll end up being more comfortable/breathable for wearing around.
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mike_waclo wrote: March 23rd, 2021, 12:55 pm Here it is with my EctoLabs version, which is what I'm going to use with this suit:
I'm flattered ;)

I've been eying up these suits for a long time now but still unsure about sizing. Am I right in thinking you said you have been using XL Long Tru Specs previously? If so, what size did you order from Magnoli and how does it compare fit wise?
EctoLabs wrote: March 23rd, 2021, 3:20 pmI've been eying up these suits for a long time now but still unsure about sizing. Am I right in thinking you said you have been using XL Long Tru Specs previously? If so, what size did you order from Magnoli and how does it compare fit wise?
Yes, I have been using XL Long TruSpecs. They give a good amount of bagginess one all of the belts and gear are attached. I ordered a 44L from the Nomex sheet that had been attached to the order form, and I was worried for a bit when I noticed later that the label on my TruSpec said it was closer to a 46, but trying on the finished product, the fit feels very similar between the two.

Totally unscientific comparison, but I feel like the bagginess is similar between the two in these pics, whereas I felt like it wasn't enough when I first tried a Large TruSpec.


I'll have to try to fully gear up this weekend and see how they feel in comparison.
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EctoLabs wrote: March 23rd, 2021, 4:30 pm Cheers Mike. I've been considering 42L as I wouldn't mind a tiny bit less bagginess. I'm assuming by the size chart that the sleeves are of a proper length compared to the stupidly short ones on the Tru Specs?
Huh... I'll have to compare sleeves. I didn't notice immediately that they were different, but I never noticed the TruSpecs being too short. Maybe I have short arms? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Though in my two pics, at first glance they do seem a bit lengthier on the Magnoli version.
EctoLabs wrote: March 23rd, 2021, 4:30 pmI'm assuming by the size chart that the sleeves are of a proper length compared to the stupidly short ones on the Tru Specs?
OK, I did a side-by-side comparison, and yes, the sleeves are definitely a better length on the Magnoli.


I took a few comparison images of pockets, too, but the TruSpec was already notably inaccurate with its various pockets.

Left thigh pockets, completely omitted on TruSpec.

Right calf and left shoulder pockets have no flaps on Magnoli's, as per the originals.
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Verified my measurements with them today, kept all the measurements off my 42L nomex with the addition of an extra inch at the chest and waist for bagginess. My order is now in the production queue. Says it should be shipped within 3-4 months, just a FYI on the timeline for anyone ordering now.

Interesting on the leg hose connector, not sure exactly how I feel about it. And will we ever have a definitive answer, were they brown or were they gray in GB1??
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They do seem to be a light tan colour that suffers from the same colour shifting on camera as the suits and belts.
There was some great reference of a connector attached to a screen used Venkman suit a while back.

I'll post a couple of pics from that ASAP.
I'm on my phone right now and don't have access to them.
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